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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Comet John 
Page in 1737 by King George II of England, was 
carried by his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

■ ■■■■ ■■ ■■■ I 

■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ Ml ■■! 

BHS has seen some pretty drastic change in the past year. We have said goodbye to many phenomenal 
members of our faculty, including our one-of-a-kind Principal, Mr. Sills, and a great Vice Principal, Mr. 
Tracey. However, we have also welcomed many new faculty members, especially an outstanding new 
Principal, Mr. Turner, and Vice Principal, Mrs. Boynton. 

Although this change can be hard, we can always remember the ways in which these fabulous teachers 
have influenced our lives, and we can appreciate the fresh points of view that all of our new faculty 
members bring to BHS. For this reason, the 2012-2015 yearbook is dedicated to all the terrific teachers 
who are moving on from Bedford High School, and the marvelous ones joining our BHS family. 

2073 yefi^-d/Wc *ta^ wcuU. tike tc /U^-KOr, -v^ a ^iccxaX. 

Net tyhXij, wa4 ilLe t^K cx^cejptixyh^AX. oA-AAXi^^ tc tAe Fc^iei-^ 
L^-K^w*^ De^a<a4^*Kefvt, Lut w<m attc oAa/aac^ j^/n t^ f\FS 

JL<!i/hJii ifCu, t^iA. f\iLe/Kl We ujx^L i^cu tSi^ cfj. tuck ! 

"Mrs. Allen has always been my mentor teacher. I will always remember my 

first days at the high school when she warmly welcomed me to observe her 

class. She is very kind, patient, and 1 will always appreciate everything I 

learned from her. I will miss her advice and great ideas for lesson plans, and 

wish her the best of luck." ^. . , 

~ Cintia Laurencio 

"When I traveled to France and Italy with Mrs. Allen, I thoroughly appreciated her spirit 

of adventure and a good sense of humor, both of which arc essential for navigating 

foreign soil. I know she is going to have a wonderful time traveling with her husband 

next year." ,., a 

~ Kim Alexander 

"To my colleague and friend, Angela Allen: 

I am so happy for you that you are retiring, but at the same lime, very sad. because I will 
miss you tremendously. Not only will 1 miss leaching with you, I will miss bumping into 
you every day, I will miss chatting with you about everything under the sun, and I will miss 
your special "je ne sais quoi' lhal makes you who you are. You are a very special lady!" 

~ Lisa Taub 



"All learning has an emotional base." - Plato 

Angela Allen; mentor, adviser, chaperone, Spanish teacher, French teacher., so many different 
hats for such a wonderful person! You truly are a dedicated and nurturing teacher. You show 
genuine care for all who surround you. thus providing a strong emotional emotional pillar for 
the development of our students' learning. The connection you have with students is truly 
remarkable, something that cannot be feigned. You truly have made our language department 
the success it is today, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are going to miss 
you! It's been a pleasure working with you , as well as learning from you! jQui la pases 
chdvere y ascgiirate de disfrutar de los placeres de la vidal ;Te lo mereces!" 

As mentioned above, 'RH'f has been bicfai to wetcome two neui 
members into the administration team. Mr. Turner. ^Principal, 
and Mrs. ^^o^|nlon, Vice Jhincipal. 'Jhank t/ou for ifour new 
ideas and fresh points of view - ^AK'f is hicfiti to have iiou.' 

Jn addition, we wisti to congratulate Mr. "filfs and Mr. (fracet/ on a 
successfuf first year in their new positions in tfte &edford "Schoot system. 
Although you are terribly missed at Bedford Kiift 'School, we are grateful 
for your continuous contributions to our community! 


We also wish to honor the many other faculty members that BHS will be losing at the end of the year. Thank you. 
Mrs. Belanger, Mrs, Davis, Mrs, Gustafson, Mr. Lew, and any others, for all that you have taught us. and in all the 
ways in which you have inspired us. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, whether you are moving 
on to inspire others in new communities, or taking time off to explore the world! 
■ ■ ■■■■ ■ ■■■ ■■■■ ■ 1 ■■ 

SEIIlOliS - 21113 

got spirit? 

@tJ@. A (S! G .« 


Sophomores - 20 1 5. . v^-r^ . . ™: . . 54 

• ^^^^■^f • • • • • • 

Freshmen - 2016.1 

. 64 

Jl&ve. 0ut lencketi! . 

Arfsy Ach^evemenfs . . 

73*^ 73€e* - Stu/efvt CliX* .^S. V^. 130 
2^©n«t/T«?5i -^S. .^S. . . 138 

i^' It represents so many things to us. As the class of 2013 has so 
cleverly coined, the "13" represents both the year 2013 and the letter "B." 

To most people, the year 2013 simply means that we survived the Mayan 
Apocalypse. To the Class of 2013, it means we've finally made it through this first 
chapter in our lives, and we've made it together. All of our hard work has paid off, 
and prepared us to be successful in the next chapter of our lives. 

The "B," of course, represents the first letter of Bedford and Buccaneers, but it 
means so much more. To most people, it may just be a letter, but to everyone in 
this school (and certainly to everyone in the spirited class of 2013), it represents a 
great sense of pride and triumph. ^ 

This is why we have chosen to emphasize the "13 / B" idea throughout this year's 
yearbook, confident that it is a strong representation of the class of 2013, as well 
as the entire school. Just think of the pride of wearing a big blue and white "B" on 
a varsity jacket, or the excitement of shouting "Go BUGS!" at sporting events, or 
the pride of knowing that "We ARE BHS!" 

Above all, think of the amazing experiences we seniors have shared, and the 
lifelong memories we have made over the years, as a part of this 73ig, ^^old class. 

Grace Song 

Mark Dunlea 

Where did you go this summer? 
I went to South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos 

* ^SWhat are some things you did? 

\» I took on a teaching position in Laos, where I taught English to kids of all different 
ages for four weeks. At first it was tough because they were around my age and I 
thought they wouldn't think of me as a teacher, but they soon opened up. 

■ ^2 What were you most surprised to learn? 
^2 The students would ask a lot about how it is to live in another country. It's a 
communist country, so they have no idea what's going on with the rest of the 
world. So they were really curious about what it's like to live in America. I was 
surprised how willing they were to learn about the US and and other countries as 

^ ^5 How did this experience affect you? 

I not only got to spend time with my family, but I also found teaching as a 
passion, and discovered a new side of me I got to learn about Laotian culture and 
the difficulties that children faced. 


Where did you go this summer? 

I went to Australia and New Zealand for two weeks with my family 

^2 What were some of the things you did in Australia? 
^,We went to Bondi Beach, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera 
* House, the Blue Mountains, and a museum of the aboriginal people 

What about New Zealand? What did you see there? 
Aj One of my favorite things we did was see a professional rugby match!" 

Zealand has the best rugby team in the world. They were playing against the Irish 

and they won 60-0. I really want to play in college. But, we also went black water 

rafting in caves and there were really cool glow worms on the ceilings And we 

also visited the set of Lord of the Rings, since the movie was filmed in New 


Which did you like better? Australia or New Zealand? 

Well, New Zealand was a lot more picturesque with the perfect rolling green hills. Everyone was really nice, too Australia was more 
modern and touristy. A lot of them didn't wear shoes because it's such a warm climate 

Where did you go this summer? 
^2 I went to Johannesburg and Cape Town in Africa with an organization called People 
to People. You basically get to live in another country and learn more about that 


^2 So what were some of the things you did there? 

^2 ' ^''^ community service activities for locals and got the chance to tour the countr'. 
We did things like plant trees with kids, read stories to them, and donated schoo 
supplies I stayed on a safari and was able to see a ton of animals like elephants anc 
giraffes while we drove around in Jeeps. We were also there on Nelson Mandela'? 

birthday, so on that day we sang "Happy Pr^hHy- • rh -<rhar i-,-,!^ 
How would you sum up your experience? 
^2 Overall, the experience was very rewarding. Just Demy immei sea in :r sc 

ShCd Kuhl long--it was very different It wasn't what I expected, but I really want r 

This past summer, Zoe Kipp spent three weeks in the country of Panama, 
immersing herself in Spanish culture and doing community service for locals. Through 
an organization known as Global Works, Zoe and twenty-one other kids traveled all 
around the country, including beautiful Panama City, San Bias, Santa Fe, and Santa 
Catalina. There, she interacted with local Panamanians and participated In 
community service projects such as helping to clean and paint houses. "The best 
thing was to see them smile - just the fact that we were there made them happy," 
says Zoe. Not only did she gain skills from the community service, but she also 
learned a lot about the Panamanian culture and was able to really practice her 
Spanish. In the mountainous area of Santa Fe, Zoe had the opportunity to stay with a 
host family. 'Communication was difficult in the beginning, but eventually, it got 
better, and overall it was a fascinating experience." 

Zoe says her favorite part was visiting the Islands. There were travel days when 
the group was able to go sight-seeing and visit places like the Panama Canal. They 
even got to go surfing in Santa Catalina. The trip was such a fantastic adventure for 
Zoe and it has prompted her to consider taking a gap year after high school. 

"Spain was such an amazing experience that we will 
never forget. It was the time of our lives, especially 
because of the students and the chaperones who went 
We made memories to last a lifetime and friendships 
that will never fade." 

- Samantha Liang, Hailey Millar & Kayla Miller 

^0 I 3 ( lass Office-rs: 
Austin O'Connor (Secretary), Eliza Stacey (Vice President), 
Ben Kaplan (President), Tung Nguyen (Treasurer) 
"We are seniors, young Americans at the threshold of the 
rest of our lives. We have been working towards this 
moment for twelve grades, for eighteen years. The moment 
where we can finally graduate from Bedford High School 
proud of what we have accomplished and satisfied with 
what we have done. Some of us have known each other all 
of our lives. Some of us have only just met. No matter our 
similarities or our differences, no matter whether we are 
from Base, from Boston, from Bedford, we will always be 
friends. We will always be Buccaneers. We will cherish the 
moments that we shared. But now is not the time to look 
back; now is the time to move forward. High School is 
over. Life has just begun." 

2013 Class President, Ben Kaplan 

A year of many Katies 

20 I 3 Prom CommittcH^, 

Aubrey Adams, Leah Hamilton, Jacob Margolis, and Melina Morris 
Not Pictured: Anthony Lespasio 

Christine Bahtiarian 

Cassandra Baker 

Mert Balyemez 

Alton Barbehenn 


^nrting a covnmunav ^ 5 of Been ^ 

supportiny (.qround. t^erv Bedford, Base di 

Bethany Rennich 

Kflvldn Mprrinn 

NM, OH, 
CA. FL, 


Zachary Otte plans to 
attend Brigham Young 
University in Idaho, and 
nnajor in Exercise Science. 
He will attend for one 
year then serve a two- 
year Latter-Day Saints 
mission for his church, and 
then return to school. 
Good luck Zach! 

These talented young musicians, Jennie Segal, 
Eric Tate, and Alisa Granada, plan on pursuing a 
career in Music when their time at BHS ends. All 
three hopeful Music Education majors have been 
busy throughout their senior year, auditioning 
for various Music programs (Jennie and Eric on 
Voice, and Alisa on Oboe), and we wish them the 
best of luck in their musical endeavors! 

BHS Softball captain, 

was recruited by the 
Mernmack College Softball 
team, and will be playing 
among the best at the NCAA 
Division 1 level this fall. "I am 
super excited to be going to 

Merrimack next year, and 
even more excited that I will 
get to play Softball! 
Go Warriors!" 

■^^1 Along with fellow classmate Hania Pisera, David Silbert will be attending the 

'^^^^ " University of Pennsylvania in the Fall. 

"It with great privilege that I will be able to attend Penn in the fall, and I am proud of the hard work I have put into my studies 
throughout high school to get this far. IVe always loved the city, and hope to live there someday, so naturally I'm very excited to be 
living in Philadelphia for four years, studying whatever interests me. I'd like to say thanks to all my teachers and friends, as their suppt 

and guidance has made all of this possible for me. and I wish them all the best in then 

future endeavors." 

Here are Hania's thoughts about having the privilege of going 
to Penn's prestigious Business school: 

mm "' '^ 5° excited to be attending the Wharton School of Business at the Universr 

^^M^^^i^^HBfl|^|H of Pennsylvania in the fall. Thank you to my teachers and my fellow students 

^^^^^fk '"■^^^^^^^^^^Bi ^'^^ pushing me in my academics and helping me get into my dream school!' 

Sarah Cowles and Tung Nguyen will be spicing things up this tall - Brown 
University style: "Getting into Brown was a long process that started when 
was young. I was determined and self -disciplined, and I was an excellent 
student. Duhng those years, I missed opportunities to laugh and smile, 
though I'd say that I still had lots of fun, especially through leading the latte 


half of my high school years. But one thing I know about Brown is that it's a really lively place for young 
people. I know years of discipline is now who I am, and going forward, Brown will just be that colorful spic 

that I've worked so hard to achieve." 


As we go our separate ways come 

June, we BHS grads have great 
plans for the coming year, and the 

rest of our lives. Our class is 
comprised of incredible athletes, 

creative minds, outstanding 
students, dedicated Americans, 
and so many more. We certainly all 
have bright futures ahead! 

The fabulous Tia Mckinney plans on attending Alabama State 
University in Montgonnery, AL, and will be majoring in 
business management and minoring in theater. 
Tia's words to live by: "Do what makes you happy. The end." 

lovely Olivia Jameson has been 
recruited for the Yale University 
Swinn Team. As her amazing BHS 
Swim career comes to an end, we 
wish her the best of luck moving 
on to bigger and better things! 
"Without the help and support of 
my family, teachers, classmates, 
teammates and coaches, I would 
never be going to Yale. Thanks so 
much for believing in me!" 

plans to serve our country 
in the United States Army. He will be 
involved in Logistics/Supplies in the 

82nd Airborne Division. 
Thank you, Craig, for your dedication 
and commitment to our country! 
Best of luck! 

Halie LeSavage will be adolhg a ray of sunshine 

to Harvard University's campus this fall. 
"Going to Harvard has been my dream since I 
was a kid. Back then, I wanted to go as Elle 
Woods, but now I plan to go as myself ." 

^UjlgkiL will 
'HmUP^nding their first year 
after graduation participating 
in City Year, an organization 

that tutors and mentors 
students to stay in school and 
on track f'-^ or v t 

lete extraordinaire 

' has signed with 
new it would 
le drive and 
r mind to - that is 

Die sotLLidii ritidi Good luck Marissa' 


t-hic npporti ipitv 


Joseph Gallagher & Shea Kuhl Annie Bartkus & Abram Grainger Jacob Margolis & Jacqueline Barmashi 





Keisuke Isobe & Samantha Marchesini 

Alaina Martines & Shayne Cagnon 

Samuel Bernardon & Erin Mahoney 

Sweetest Smile 

Melina Morris & 
Warren Fernandez-Williams 

■J Theatrically Thriving^^ 

Sevan Dulgarian & Mark Dunlea 

'fuperb 'finders 

Katherine Luczai & 
Jack Linnehan 

Benjamin Kaplan & Claudia Lawry 

Totally Talkative 



other personaRi 


- ^ 


the many ^ 

mt make 
so uniiiuel 




^6 A^6j,(j 



tlass Cfficers 
£eft to m^ht: (Ben Driscott (^President), Tei- 
Vun €hu Cfecretaiy), (fess 9on^ (Vice 
J^esident), Jeff (faytor ((freasurer) 

"As juniors in high school, we are still young and pretty 
much living the lives we did as children. But this is the 
that our futures are starting to take shape. "What 
comes next?" is just around the comer, and it is nearly 
time for us to make the tough choices that will direct us 

into the people we will become. So while we tum^^ 
towards the future with the strength and determination 
that BHS continues to give us, let us also make the 
choices to laugh together, be victorious together, and 
enjoy where we are right now, together. If the tragedy in 
New Town has taught us anything this year, it should b 
to embrace every moment of our lives. We have one year 
left to make our mark here - let's do it right. To those not 
returning next year 

JVom tommittee 
Left to m^ht: Xoiiren WiMtn, 
Ma6ka i^d, Cassie Kayes, 
iaddif ^mes, Ctan Abm 

nee a Buccaneer. AlwaysTmiCc? 
-Your Class President, Ben Driscoll 

■ ■ ■ 



Class of 2015 

We're half way there. 
It really has been such a great year once 
again. 2015 has nnade its nnark-whether it 
was the sports teams, the musical cast, 
or through academics, you all had some 
pretty outstanding achievements to be 
proud of this year. And from a student 
government perspective, I couldn't have 
been happier. You all never fail to be 
100% supportive and involved, no matter 
the event. We've made it through the 
sophomore slump. Two down, two to go. 
Have a great summer, and keep being 
awesome, 2015. 

Class of 201 5 President 




"Dear class of 2016, 
This year has been a great transition and 
accomplishing year. We have not failed 
our goals, but exceeded them with the help 
of our grade. I would like to thank our 
class for supporting and contributing to our 
fund-raisers and events. The years to come 
will be greatly anticipated and thoroughly 
enjoyed as we will get to spend it with our 
fellow classmates of 2016." 

- Andrew Rhodes, 
'^'"ss President 

Class Officers 
President: Andrew Rhodes 
Vice President: Lauren Granada 
Secretary: Sophia Kyrou 
Treasurer: Ryan Barnes 

geuuBH 8 A;b>i l uagdais 9 'uo;iv g A;;!>| 'e^ia £ 'ennr z 'aiuuap i. :sj8/v\suv 



December 21st of 2012 was the final day in the 15th 144,000-day 
cycle of the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar. It was easy to 
ignore that the ancient Maya never predicted an apocalypse, and 
that their calendar is, in fact, capable of continuing for nnillions of 




The 2012-2013 school year at BHS was special as we greeted Mr. 
Turner as our new principal and Ms. Boynton as our new assistant 
principal. So far, it has been a fabulous year and we would like to give 
wholehearted thanks to Mr. Turner and 
Ms. Boynton (and of course, Mrs. Vogel)! 

After witnessing the tragedy in NEWTOWN, CT 

We are lucky to be living in a safe community such as Bedford. With the 
help of BHS' own Mrs. Walker-Magoon, we sent our love and support to 
Newtown through school supplies, arts and crafts supplies, and paper 
snowflakes May the twenty beautiful children and six dedicated teachers 
who lost their lives at their beloved Sandy Hook Elementary rest in peace. 


Hurricane Sandy in October, 
Hurricane Nemo in February, 
Nameless snowstorm in March. 
We seniors really lucked out! 


The inauguration on January 21, 2015 marked the 
beginning of the second term of Barack Obama as 
President and Joe Biden as Vice President, 


Wipe away your sorrows, juniors and seniors! We are now 
able to access the Internet anytime, anywhere, free of 
charge, even with no iPads. But, keep in mind, the Public 
WiFi should only be used for "educational" purposes. 

Wi F. 1 


- 1> 1 ll 

>/ Public 

- *> 1 1 


Ask to Join Networks ' 1 ^ 



Hurricane Sandy was the second costliest hurricane in 
United States history. Nearly 500,000 households were 
without power in Massachusetts, and roads and buildings 
were flooded. Thankfully, Bedford wasn't hit too hard! 



Beginning this year, Mr. Sills, fomnerly the principal of BHS, serves as the 
superintendent of Bedford Public Schools. Meanwhile, Mr. Tracey, formerly the 
assistant principal of BHS, starts his principalship at John Glenn Middle School. 
Even though we are no longer able to see them at BHS, we are relieved to 
know both Mr. Sills & Mr. Tracey will still be a part of the Bedford community. 


This year's pep rally was held outdoors at the football field. Even 
though the weather was great, many students were left disappointed. 
Freshmen & seniors who had to stand on the sides weren't able to see 
or hear the exciting performances & games so well. "I couldn't hear 
C-Squad," cried Jennie Segal, a senior, after the event. 

7 TxuinKies Fun Facts 

Created: 1930 ^"l^B^fc.,^^ 
Original filling: Banana Creme ^B^SPi^^BflH 
Calorie count 1 50 ^^K^ ^^^^^ 

Shelf life: 25 days 

1950s: "Howdy Doody" TV show increases its popularity 

Year fried Twinkies first appeared: 2001 

Price for a box of 10 Twinkies for sale on eBay: $1 ,500 


With Hostess Brands, Inc. declaring bankruptcy in 
December, it seems that we have seen the end of the 
Twinkies, CupCakes, HoHos, DingDongs, and Donettes 




Left to right: 

Kristen Vogel - Assistant Principal 
Henry Turner - Principal 
Kate Boynton - Assistant Principal 

Amanda Rabesa 



Left to right: Peter Lazaris, Sherm 
Primmerman, Lucas Taddeo, Kevin 
Hogan, Edwin Nadeau, Dina 


Left to right: Larry Sheinfeld, Aleta 
Devaney, Whitney Davis, Eileen Wagner, 
Robbi Couris (Student Teacher from 
Massachusetts College of Art and Design) 

Computer Technology 

Left to right: Will McColl, Nick 
Kapotsis, Bill Rimsa, Colleen Murray, 
Rob Newell 

Back Left: Kristen Tocci, Jane Harvey, Peter Jacob-Dolan. 
Chris Zellner 

Front Left: Dan Niven, Joel Hebert, Bill Berlino, Kelly 
Sullivan, Christine Walker-Magoon, MaryLou Sallee, Patti 

Foreign Iiang 

Left to Right: 

Karen Santos, Lisa Taub, Dana Button, Cmtia 
Laurencio, Barbara Bamett, Kim Alexander, 
Osvaldo Meji'a, Lisa Flannery, Angela Allen 

Left to right: 

Nancy Powell, Brian DeChellis, Karen Ford, 
Janel Halupowski, Diane Ryan, Alison 
Lohrum, Charles Alperin 


Back Left: 

Jim Byrnes, Katie Anderson, Susan Dewier, Carrie Taylor 
Front Left: 

Jackie Supprise, Ashley Martell, Beth Billouin 

Left to right: 

Captain Richard Carson, 
Chief Christopher Edris 


Back Left: 

Denise Terenzoni, Nancy D'Andragora, Kim 
Santos, Gail Hannon, Jane Higgins 
Front: Marilyn Carlo 

Left to right: 

Dave Sainato. Peg Sullivan. Antigone 
Gianareles, Kim Ganley, Bill Brincklow 




Left lu iughl. ^fc^^ s^ 
/nn Sheehan, Jean^ Smyth 

Left to Right: 

Chittur Venkatesh, Justine Flora, Dotty Blake, 
Amanda Faulkner. Marcia Bums-Mittler, Kim 
Comeiro. Colleen Irving, Christine Larimore, Jesse 
Dix, Patrick Morrissey. 
Not pictured: Jerry Peters 

Left to right: 

Karen Poli, Laurie Venuti, 
Donna Higson, Brenda Cella 

Left to right: 

Sue Rozen, Katie Cardinal 


Skill Center 

Back left: 

Richard Herbst, Arthur Lew, Catherine Murray, Heather Kurzman, 
Michael Griffin, Scott Stief, John O'Connor, Sean McGowan 
Front left: 

Lisa Morrison, Sarah Leshay, Joe Zahka, Liana Heldman 

Left to right: 

Deb Sakelakos, Jerome Freedman, Carol 
Twombly, Mon Luke 

Special Education 

Back left: 

Christine Butler, Tova Margolis, Jennifer Belanger, 
Elizabeth Goetschius, Lisa Predaina 
Front left: 

Milena Rosecan, Rich Donnelly, Dennis Walsh, Dave 
Boschetto, Jim Sunderland 

Back left: 

Linda Gustafson, Anna Kubetin, Jake Sullivan, Akil Mondesir, Matt Hagar, 
Matt Ryan, Cia Gisone 
Front left: 

Cassie Dresser, Marianne Vines, Michelle Steingeiser. Kelly Giusti, Breena 
Daniell, Deb Savarino, Victoria Breslin, Jennifer Wolf 

Bb Cc \)6 Ee Ff G9 Hh 1/ J j Kk LI 1^ 

■ ■ ■■■«■■ ■■■■ ■ 

MB ■■■■ ■■■■i>^B ■■■■ ■■■ 

IB ■■■■ 

IB ■ J B 

This year the Hockey Team finished 9-8-5 and 
I ^^^1 I qualified for the tournament. In their first game 

of the tournament they beat Weston 6-4. Then went on to beat Lowell, in a 
shot out 2-1 and Shawsheen 5-1. The Bedford Bucs made it to the Division 5 
North Sectional Finals before falling to Swampscott 2-5 in the final minutes of 
the game. Great job! 

»9 B« r*' \ 


This year the boy's soccer team finished 
with a 11-1-5 record, which allowed 
them to qualify for the tournament. They beat Shawsheen before their 
season came to an end in the Division 2 North Sectional Finals. The team fell 
to 5-seeded Wilmington 1-0, in penalty kicks. Great Team work! 


BBB rj.m BBBB BBB ■■ 

BBB ■! 

IB 11 



The Girls Basketball team 
also did well this year. They 
finished the season with a 15-7 record and qualified for the tournament. In the 
first playoff game of the season they beat Newport 50-27. The girls basketball 
team had a hard-fought run this season but then fell to second-seeded St. 
Mary's of Lynn 58-62. 

This year, senior Olivia 
Jameson finished her 
spectacular swimnning 
career as a Lady Bug. 
Olivia finished first in 
the 200 free at the 
DCL championship 
with a time of 1:52.56 
and also placed in the 
500 free with a 
season best time of 

b 5:00.24. This season 
. Jameson also broke 
, ^■^1 school records in the 
50 Free with a time 
of 24,86 and in the 
100 Fly with a time of 1:03.84, 
Jameson was also part of the 200 
Medley Relay, which broke the school 
record with a time of 1:57,41. Olivia 
will continue her swimming career at 
Yale University! 


A three-season superstar at BHS, 
Junior, Mike Dushman, never fails to 
impress on the Soccer field. He was 
named DCL Soccer MVP, chosen as 
Boston Globe All-Scholastics, and 
named a Lowell Sun All-Star for his 
outstanding performances! 

Sophomore, Erin Dietz 
had unbelievable seasons 
in Cross Country and 
Track this year. Erin 
finished first in the 
Indoor Track All-State 
Championship for the 2- 
mile with a time of 
10:58.12. Her win placed 
her 7th in the nation. 
Dietz also broke school 
records in the 1000m 
Run and the Mile, with 
times of 3:05.25 and 
5:03.91 respectively. Erin 
has also been chosen as 
Boston Globe All- 
Scholastics, and named a Lowell Sun 
All-Star for her incredible 


Ml A A 

Reggio Lewis Track 

■ ■■ ■■ ■■■■ 

■ ■ ■■ ■ 

■■ ■■■■ ■■ 

Additional congratulations are in order for all of our outstanding athletes chosen 
to represent BHS as DCL All-Stars. We are so proud of you! 

Last spring, the BHS Girls Tennis team perfornned extremely 
well all throughout the season, and went on to become 
State Champions for the first time in BHS history! 

•••••••••••••• •• •• ••• 

We were able to depend on different people to come out on top 
each match. The pressure was equally shared, and no one gave 
up because everyone really wanted to win! 

From getting a tennis banner, to being League Champs in 201 1 and State 
Champs in 2012, this team has made its mark in the BHS Athletics book and 
in our memories, memories that will last a lifetime. Nothing will ever replace 
the memories of winning a state championship. 
~ Sarah Cowles 

"Do what you 
love, forget 
the rest." 

- Co-Captain John 
Dickinson Meltz 

With hard work, anything is 

- Co-Captain Hannah Kim 



This year, our defense was a threat to all 
the teams that we played against. We had 
fantastic goalies, an amazing sweep, and 
awesome backs. I'm so proud of all our 
de^'ense." .Maria Valbona 

We have gained so much trust on the 
field, which was the key" 

-Jackie Barnnarshi 

^^This season was one to remember, we were a 
family and pushed each other harder each day. 
Bedford Field Hockey became a competitor and the 
2012 varsity team has so much to be proud of" 

-Marisa Citrano 

^^We have become a new program. Underclassman 
proved themselves that they deserved spots on 
varsity and set great examples for the JV and 
freshmen. We have created so many great 
memories this season and we are going to miss it". 

-Laura Coughlin 

j i 

' m A * 


here is so much to say about the volleyball program and I was 
ry fortunate to be a part of it. Coach Ryan Schmitt is fab, and 
helped us succeed in our season and volleyball careers and as 
seniors; we will truly miss him. It was an absolute joy getting 
to work with Vicki and Hania as captains, as well as the rest 
'of the team. All of the girls are so sweet and really dedicated 
to the sport. It was a rough last season but it was a lot of 
fun and a lot of great friendships were made. I wish the best 
of luck to the underclassmen and hope this program 


- Co-Captain Justine Molloy 

IS year was definitely tough for 
the volleyball team. Throughout 
the season, we lost a lot of our 
players due to injuries and had to 
constantly throw girls into new 
spots they had never played. That 
being said, every player stepped up 
to the challenge and left 
everything on the court. I couldn't 
be prouder of my team and what 
e accomplished. I know there's a 
promising future for volleyball at 
BHS and look forward to seeing 
how well our underclassmen do 
next year!" . co-Captain Hania Pisera 

l^'T/ffyy demonstrated 

by Jenessa McCabe: 

Co-Captain Sevan Dulgarian is grateful for the award- 
winning sportsmanship shown by every girl on the team. 
"We all improved immensely throughout the season, thanks 
to the help and support of our teammates. XC runners are 
the friendliest people I know. It's the only sport where 
everyone will congratulate everyone else on a great race - 
even runners on opposing teams!' 

Keep your 
arms at 90 

degrees ! 

Qaiek reef 


"The teann this year was like one big 
family - we had fun together, and 
supported each other through it all. 
Everyone got along, which made for a 
great atmosphere!". co-Captain Lori Merle 


- Co-Captain Laurel Barkan 

Co-Captain Robby Bridgeman 
Peels that "the inter-team rivalry 

pushed each one of us to do 
our best, but building the team 
as a whole was more important." 

The BHS Boys Cross Country Team had an outstanding season. 
The team placed fourth out of thirty-two teams at the Eastern 
Regional Race. This allowed them to qualify for the All-State Race 

(for the first time in four years!) held at Northfield Mountain, 
where the boys finished ninth out of nineteen teams. 



"It was a fun season; we all bonded! 

■9 - Hannah Mardini 

^ - "Although we didn't have a great season it 
" was still a lot of fun. It was great to play 
the sport and be with the team!" 

- Christine Bahtiarian 

"We had a lot of good memories 
- Scout Pierce 


"I can honestly say that this season was 
fun (at least practices were). It is hard 
to believe that it is over, but I know 
that my memories of this team will 
stick with me. Here's to the crazy things 
that happened at practice, the games 
we won, and the senior night game. 
Good luck next year, underclassmen!" 

- Bethany Rennich 

"With a new coach, this year was a 
season of change. But in the end all 
that matters is that we played hard 
and we played as a team. While 
records and games will fade, the 
laughter and memories of the team 
will stay with us." 

- Sarah Cowles 

"I started soccer later than most, and I 
have to say that it was one of the best 
experiences of my life. I've become 
friends and bonded with so many 
different people. The team has always 
had a good work ethic and attitude. I 
wish next year's team the best of luck 
and I will definitely come back to see 
some games. CO BUGS!" 

- Marissa Cammarano 



4 ' 4^ 

^ \ "I wear my Bedford Soccer jacket every 
\^-%\ day because I love this team." - Mark Dunlea 




The State Playoff "Mohawks" seemed even crazier than ever this year, as the BHS Boys 
Soccer team rose to the top and claimed the Dual County League Championship title. 

~, ~ IP '■ II ^1 





Westwood W 34-18 

Belmont W 35-29 

Oliver Ames L 43-7 

Maiden W 14-6 

Somerville W 41-40 

Waltham L 32-12 

Weston W 35-14 

Boston Latin W 20-6 

Newton South W 7-0 

Wayland L 28-0 

Concord Carlisle W 35-34 

Tied for second best record in 
Bedford High School History. 

J a n 


"My favorite memory from 
the season was standing on the 
competition mat with my 
teammates after we had just 
competed. We didn't know 
what score we had 
gotten, or what we 
placed, but we were 
together as a team." 
- Melinda Coady, 

"I think 

being on the team was the girls] 
on it. We all got really close 
over the season, and we 
became a family." 

- McKenna Petri] 



"All of the girls bonded and formed new friendships, 
which made the season so enjoyable. I am extremely 
proud to have been a member of this team, and I wish 
all the girls luck in their future seasons." 

- Laura Coughlin 

"This year's winter cheerleading team was fully 
dedicated to creating school spirit and cheering 
on the basketball team. As we did not get to 
compete this season, we focused all of our 
energy on improving our skills and supporting 
the school." - Laura Coughlin 

" The BHS Swim Team had a 
tremendous season. We all 
had a lot of great times and 
had a lot of good meets. To 
Coach Blake and Coach 
Asp, thank you for all that 
you have done for us. To the 
seniors Olivia, Hannah, 
Jason, and PJ, some of the 
happiest moments of my life 
have been with you guys on 
this team and I will miss all 
of you." 

"Although our team was 
imable to come away with a 
dual meet win this year, that 
will be the last thing on my 
mind when I remember this 
season. I will always 
remember the crazy team 
dinners, the epic van rides to 
and from meets, running up 
and down the sides of the 
pool to cheer, and the looks 
of happiness on my 
teammates' faces as they 
accompUshed something, be 
it qualifying for states, 
winning a race, or finishing 
their first 500. 1 would like to 
dedicate this swim season to 
Mr. Rose. For my first three 
years he was an excellent 
coach and mentor to the 
whole team, and I will never 
forget the races we had with 
him cheering on the side. 
Thanks for all of the good 
times: after all, that is what 
swimming is all about." 
- Co-Captain Olivia Jameson 

"New coaches and a lot of new runners nriade for 
an exciting season. We worked hard together in 
practice and it paid off in great race times!" 

- Lori Merlo 

'This indoor season has been one of the best I can 
[remember. While our team was outnumbered by most 
teams, we had lots of great performances across our 
team. I'm really looking forward to a great outdoor 
I season." 

- Alton Barbehenn 

>6 /eO^ 

This season is only my second on the sl<i 
team, but regardless, I feel very close to 
my teammates. Everybody is supportive 
at the races with cheering and yelling for 
each other. It's a great team, and I'm 
sure it will remain that way in the years 
to come. " - Jacob Margolis 

7 Wm -KatyHolh 

"We miss you. Beef " - Ryan Foster 

"There were a ton of hilarious 
moments on Ski Team. I had a 
blast. " - Katie Higglns 

"Nothing is better than skiing 
across the finish line and hearing 
your whole team screaming for 
you at the bottom. " 
- Katy Hollyday 

will really miss being a part of the hockey team, but will always remember 
the memories, history, and laughs we had. The hockey team will always be a 
family and once you join that family, you will ALWAYS be a part of that family. 
1 in i?i Love you guys, and good luck next year!" 

- Annie Bartkus 

"I am so proud of all the 
basketball girls. On the 
court, the team plays as a 
unit and works extremely 
hard. Off the court, the 
team becomes a family 
and the best of friend<^ 
This team has great 
potential for success next 
year, and I wish them the 
best of luck. Co Bucs! 

- Co-Captian, Marissa 


< 1 J 

It didn't end the way we/ 
^wanted it too. Wayland has 
idea what's conning for 
them next year." 

^■"^pt^ Abner 

3unior Varsitv Vollei/ball 

Boys Ffeshmen Soccer 

Boys 3unior Varsiti/ Soccer Boys Freshmen Basketball 


Boys Ounlor 

Boys 3unlor Varsity Basketball Varsity Football 


Catherine Donat: 

9otd Xey Winners 

Pei-Yun Chu, Keara Russell, Amy Singer 

Silver Xey Winners 

Nili Ezekiel, Cwen Gardner, Albert Chen 

Monorabte Mention: 

Karlana Fronk, Maddie Dunn, Jessica Saunders, 
Cwen Cardner, Linda Bittenson, Catherine Donate 
{ Erica Hsiung, Rita Rushanan 

Anne Greene 

tnca Hsiung 

the ultimate 



of the classes 



Best Newcomer - Female 
Sierra Cossingham 

Best Newcomer - Male 
Chris Adamik 

Best Supporting Actress 
Indigo Fox Tree - McCrath 

Best Supporting Actor 
Joe Neveux 

Best Actress 
Hayley Bauer 

Best Actor 
Jack Linnehan 


Best Stagecraft 
Seniors - Class of 2015 

Best Ensemble 
Sophomores - Class of 2015 

Best Play * 
Seniors - Class of 2013 

It is safe to say that the Class of 2013, under 
the direction of the fearless Dana Button, will 
live on in BHS T.O.P. history as the first class to 
claim the title of Best Play three years in a row! 



One of the most memorable moments of T.O.P. 2012 was the 
T.O.P.- notch improvisation skills demonstrated by Mr. Maynard 
Nichols (Ben Knicely), Jack Nichols (Jack Linnehan), and Mrs. 
Penny Nichols (Sevan Dulgarian) when Mr. Nichols' briefcase full 
of counterfeit BoxTops failed to open during the performance 
"Don't pressure your Daddy now." - Sevan 

"I believe in you. Daddy!" -Jack 
"I'll show you tomorrow, Son." - 
"So are they real?" - Jack 
"They're realistic!" - Sevan 



1 ^a\ycv^i 

Rachcl Arnold. Linda Biucnson. 

Evan Dombkowski. Colleen 
Dunlca. Indigo Fox Trce-McGraih 
Dcmctra Green. Abby Hartwell, 
Rebecca Kelly-Bowdiich. Sophia 

K\rou. Rebecca l.abin. Mike 
Mahoney, Meghan Ryan. Marlena 
Sinioneau, Theresa Soidnn. Hollj 
Slygles. Mei Taylor. Erin Vcniitl, 
Pamela Weidnian 

(Tccn tnstmbh: 

Chris Adaniik. Christine 
Bahiiarian. Hayley Bauer, l-ionna 
Brennan. Savannah Fox Tree- 
McGralh. Gabbv Grittllhs. Brad 

Hegarly. Kale Johnson. Allic 
Kriimm. Maria Linnehan. Dcanna 
Lobo, Carly Manin. Hayley 
Scanlon. Jennie Segal, l.eanna 
Silvesirone. Michaela Sinioneau. 
Ethan Vidyarlhy, Lauren Winn 

Ren McCorniack Jack Linnehan 

Ariel Mixirc Natalie Vatcher 

Riisly Katie Luc/ai 

Uriccn Sevan Dulgarian 

Wendy Jo Becky Klein 

Willard Hewitt Joe Nevcux 

Reverend Shaw Moore Eric Tate 

Vi Moore Kira Per/cl Mandell 

Ethel McOirmack .Catherine Dtmato 

Chuck Cranston Robh> Bridgeman 

Cowboy Bob Ha\lc\ Bauer 

Wcs Wamickcr Evan IXimbkowski 

Lulu Wamickcr -.Pamela \\ eidman 

Coach Roger Dunbar Chris Adaniik 

Eleanor Dunbar Linda Biltenson ^ 

Principal Harry Clark. ...Mike Mahoney 

Betl> Blast Maria Linnehan 

Lyie James Dtiud 

Travis Mark Dunlea 

Jeter Ethan Vid>arth\ 

Bickle Brad Hegan\ 

Garvin Lauren Winn 

Cop Christine Bahiiarian 

Cowgirl. ..Sa\aniiah Fox Trec-McGraih 

Kale Johnson 
^ Allie Kmmm 
f Jennie Segal 

luiuren Winn 

T mtm td Shmtm: 

Chris .\damik 
Sa\annah Fox Tree-McGrath 
Brad Hegarty 
Deanna LoKi 
Hav lcN Scanlon 
Jennie Segal 
Ix'anna Silxcsirone 
Michaela Sinioneau 
Lexi l'gelo« 
Lihan \ idvarthv 

1 i li 

BHS' Winter musical was unforgettable this year - an 
outstanding team of directors joined forces and put 
together an electrifying show brand new to Bedford, 
complete with rocking 80's themed music and fantastic 
dance numbers! 


chamber Chorus 

. *f »^ . 


> - 

3a%% (Qand 

M. ,i» 

iriliJi Euiiraxi aiuiJ 

.. . IMS ©rcbestra 

"Marching band is 
my familv. They 
have been there 
for me, and I do 
not know what I 
would do without 

"It's not just about the 
show - it's about the 
memories." - Leah Hamilton 

<} , . r 


kfiLcituyK, X><M/xA. Svttei^, £i/v^ Tote, f^u^*t4tvK« \/vti<*/K<*«v<i, KA^Mx/huO, VJaJie^, Jdti Ya/h^^Hi* 



In the spring of 2012, the BHS marching band did something 
bigger than we ever have. We performed on IVlain St., U.S.A. in 
Walt Disney World. In addition to that, the band performed at 
our usual MICCA shows, and we received a bronze medal at our 

final performance! 

"Marching band has changed me... I have learned the values of 
dedication, perseverance, and community. It is a group that I am 
proud to have led. Marching band is my family, and I will forever 
treasure the time I have spent with it." 
- Drum Major David Silbert i 


"Marching band is a way to take a mental break from 
school work and stress, but at he same time, it is a chance 
to challenge myself in a creative and unique way." 
- Hervintz Desert 

"Marching band... I would 
have nothing to do without 
marching band. It is easily 
the most important thing I 
have done in high school." 
- Drum Major 

Marlena Simoneau 

->> I \ mnml a^M r'S^Ti 


BHS' 1st annual BHS Volleyball Tournament 
brought the whole school together, and 
everyone from Freshmen to Faculty competed. 
Hosted by the Senior Class, the 
Volleyball Tournament is sure to be a 
lasting tradition - looking ridiculous 



Frisbees fly, chess pieces slide, and you can 
hear C-Squad throughout the cafeteria as 
students file in and search for clubs to explore 

their interests and hobbies. 


I ! 

"Best Buddies had a great year. Each year we 
strive to breal< down boundaries; this year we 
have done this with all of our fun events!" 

-Cassie Baker, President 


Principal's Advisory 

Uffimafe Frisbee 

Wkml Wai YowvAqe^... 

In the generation of the iPhone 5. pin-straight hair or controlled curls, Twitter, and 
instagram, we were curious about what our wonderful faculty members remember from 
their High School days. 


BIG hair with LOTS of Aquanet hairspray. Permed hair, crimped 
hair. Oversized tops, spandex pants, Levi's jeans, two pair of 
socl<s in 2 different colors, legwarmers, Nike sneakers. Converse 
high tops, jelly bracelets, bright neon/florescent colors. MC 

Mohair sweaters and mohair coats with pillbox hats for 
dressy occasions, jumpers and A-line dresses. The 
Kennedy Years, the Kennedy family, the Peace Corps, 50- 
mile hikes. 

Hammer - "Can't touch this.' 

- Mrs. Allen 

Ms. Halupowski 


Mrs. Faulkner 

I attended Burlington High School from 1966 to 1970. Back In the day, Burlington r 
and that was the last time I was here -Thanksgiving 1969- before I ^ — 
had to wear dresses or skirts to school and they could not be ten 
floor, or she would be sent home to change! Many boys were nere was a 

Saturday night featuring your friends' band. Imagine dancing to live i 
"records" were played, people were very ups" " " es, boys • - vcdi lic 

Cell phones with pull out antennas (kept in the car and used only for emergenciesO 

- Mrs. Faulkner 

In the pre-"electronic" age, we had black and white TVs, wind-up analog watches, cameras with film, big reel to reel tape 
recorders, colorized portraits, carbon paper for making copies, index cards to organize material for term papers, ink eraser 
to make corrections on typed papers. My favorite piece of technology was my Emerson portable radio because music 
was our life - rock, folk, protest. The Beatles, The Supremes, Ike and Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye (I Heard It Through the 
Grapevine), The Rolling Stones (I Can't Get No Satisfaction), The Beach Boys (Good Vibrations), Aretha Franklin (Respect), 
The Animals (We Gotta Get Out of This Place), The Righteous Brothers (Unchained Melody), The Shirelles (Will You Love Me 
Tomorrow?), James Brown (Papa's Got a Brand New Bag), Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (The Sound of Silence), Bob Dylan 
(The Times They Are a-Changin, Blowin' in the Wind). . Mrs Allen 

Technology back then? No, all we had was 8 track tapes, records, and rotary telephones stuck to the wall! Pinball, was 
pretty popular.To see a movie you actually had to go to the theater. Other than that we stayed outside more because 
there was nothing to do in the house! I do remember when Atari came out with its first game. It was a little ball that went 
back and forth like ping-pong. You had to hit the ball with a little "paddle" when it came to your side! That was the whole 
game. . Mrs. Sheehan 

At home: an Apple computer with a huge monitor and a small screen, an electric word processor. At school: typing classes 
on an electric typewriter and Apple2C computers with a dot matrix printer. VCRs, pay phones, Boom box for music and a 
Walkman with big headphones. Overhead oroiector where the teachers wrote on transparency oaoer, and card catalogs in 
the library. . ms. Halupowski 

at was your favorite thing to do on weel<encls? 

Hang out with friends, talk and listen to music, drive to Richard's Drive-In CARfeteria to get a Ginsburger named for 
Arnie Ginsburg, go to Circle Pizza in the North End for the best pizza around. 

- Mrs. Allen 

Hang out at the mall, go to the movies (cost about $4.50). Hang out with friends. 

- Ms. Halupowski 

Drive up and down the main street, go to the movies, late milk shakes at A&W. 

- Ms. Faulkner 







Memes - Grumpy Cat 



Nail Art 




Alex & Ani 



& Riding Boots 


Seniors and p 
Their Siblings 


It is certainly very special to be able to spend part of your high school 
5xperience with your sibling - especially for Seniors with Freshmen siblings. 

It is the first, and probably the last, time they will get to spend a year 
together at the same school. As they say farewell to their graduates, the 

young ones are probably dreading having to take the bus next year! 

lustine and Charlotte 

Mark and Rudy 


Annie and Brody 

Leah ai^d Toby 

Sami and Copper 

Katy, Scamp, and 
Oreo liollyday 

Katie and Rudy 

I want to thank my brother for being the best 
brother that ever was. Thanks, Sam. for 
beheving in me and making me work harder at 
my dream. Deonle, Warren, Matt. Kyle, 
Brendan, Sam, Mike, Isaiah, John, Joey and so 
many others - you made my school years 
bearable! Thanks to Mrs. Jordan and Giusti, 
Mr. Sills and Tracey, Coaches Puopolo, 
Fontas, Dion, Gunnar Olson, and to all my 
teams. To Mom and Dad, you are always there 
for me, doing whatever it takes to gel me to be 
my best - for all the time, money, trips and 
laughs. I love you guys and appreciate all 
you've done, even though it doesn't seem it 
sometimes. Thanks Adam and David, Susie 
and Joel for always helping me. Thanks 
Grandpa - you're the best man in my life. And 
to my best friend who is always there for me. 
always listens and makes me smile: Taylor 
Fitton. I love you. To everybody I forgot - it's 
been quite a ride but we made it. Keep 
trucking - no goal too big. 

Adam Appelbaum 

Thank you Mom and Dad for being there for 
me and supporting me throughout high school. 
You guys have made me into who 1 am today. 
Thank you David for being an awesome 
brother. I wish I could have been in high 
school with you, have a great time. Thank you 
to the Graingers for always being there for me 
whenever I need you. Abe. it was awesome 
going to high school with you.Thanks to all 
my teachers and coaches who pushed me to 
grow more than I ever thought I could. Thank 
you Hobens. you guys were my second home. 
Matt you are my brother and you're always 
there for me. Thanks to my football bros who 
had my back - I'll always remember you for 
that. To all of my amazing friends, thank you 
for making high school so great. 

Amanda Luniewicz 

I truly appreciate everyone who made all four 
years of my high school experience valuable 
and unforgettable - thank you to each of my 
teachers, friends and family, as well as the 
entire faculty, for giving me all the 
knowledge, support, and encouragement I 
needed. I am so grateful to have been able to 
spend these past several years with you! 

Alaina Martines 

Nonna, I love you more then you'll ever know! 
I don't know how you did it all these years for 
me, but I promise it'll pay off. My Nonna is 
my one and only true love! Thank you for 
everything, my life. Tomao... let's get 
married?? Since I was a freshman you have 
been my favorite and you're so incredible. I'm 
so glad we met. I'll be here for you always. I 
love you. Kelley, you're the most amazing girl 
I've ever met and I envy you! I know I'll know 
you forever; I'll make sure of it. Thank you for 
everything you've done for me. friends 
since... 2nd grade and always will be! You're 
my girl. Ms. Dresser. I'm so happy that you 
got stuck with me all four years; you really 
helped me out... even though you snitched on 
me here and there. I really appreciate 
everything you did for me. thanks so much. 
Fho & lax girls, love you all. it's been real!!! 
2013, see you guys on this side or the other. 

Alisa Granada 

I first and foremost would like to thank my 
family for all the support they've given me 
these past years. Mom. Dad — I know without 
you I wouldn't be the person I am today. Your 
love and support mean so much to me. You 
push me to do my very best and have taught 
me to always believe in myself. Lauren — i feel 
so lucky to call you my sister. You're not only 
my sister but also one of my best friends, and I 
cherish all of the memories we've shared. I 
would also like to thank all of my friends who 
have played another huge part in my life. Your 
friendship means the world to me. thank you 
for all your love and kindness. I will never 
forget any of you! It's incredible how fast four 
years have come and gone. Many memories 
have filled these high school years and I've 
met so many amazing people and formed 
friendships that I will never forget. I wish the 
very best to the class of 2013 in all our future 

Allison Parrella 

I'd like to thank my Mom and Daddy, for 
being supportive of me over these past four 
years. As rocky as it's been, they have always 
been there for me and pushed me to achieve 
my goals. I'd like to thank my best friends, 
Kim Isnor and Kevin Leskouski, for being 
there for me all through high school. I never 
would have made it through without you guys. 
I want to thank everyone else that made these 
past years a blast: Stephanie, Nicole, Hannah, 
Paige, and Sharon. I also want to thank 
Tommy Wilkins, my boyfriend, who has been 
there for me and supported me always since 
my freshman year. Without you, I don't know 
how I ever would have made it this far. I want 
to thank my sister Caroline, even though we 
fight like enemies: you are one of my best 
friends and made my last two years of high 
school meaningful. I love everyone who has 
been there for me, good times and bad. and 
supported me through my high school career. 

Alton Barbehenn 

Okay, you may or may not have read a lot of 
these already so I'll try to make this brief I've 
had a wonderful lime as a member of class of 
2013 going all the way back to fourth grade, 
when I was the awkward new kid. Thanks for 
putting up with my shenanigans and loudness. 
Thanks for being supportive, both as peers and 
as mentors. Of course, thank you. Mom and 
Dad for pushing me. And thanks Claire for 
being such a wonderful and supporting sister. 
Thank you all for putting up with my many 
issues and including me in your lives as so 
many of you have done. As Porky once said. 
"Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That's all. folks! " 

Anne Bartkus 

MOM AND DAD: Thanks for always being 
there for me. and pushing me. Whether it was 
at a game, or with school, you have really 
helped me get to where I am now . TOMMY: 
Even though we fight a lot. we still have some 
good times. Thanks for always making me 
laugh and cheering me up. I will miss our 
morning car rides together, and the bonding 
time we had. I will miss you and love you!! 
DAVID: My littlest brother, thanks for always 
being there for me. coming to my games, and 
bothering me when I'm trying to do 
something. I will miss you and love you!! 
TEACHERS: Thank you for always pushing 
me to achieve my full potential, and helping 
me get to where I am now. FRIENDS: We 
have made some amazing memories together, 
and have always made each other die 
laughing. I will miss you guys so much. RS!I! 
L.J. M O. N.W. M.R. M R. M A. D.K R.B. 
K.K. J.W.: Thanks for all the good times we 
have had. there were some good memories. I 
will miss you guys so much, and love you all!! 


Anthony Lespasio 

"Yeah and it's over before you know it, it all 
goes by so fast. Yeah the bad nights take 
forever, and the good nights don't ever seem 
to last." - Tom Petty 

Mom and Pops- Thank you for all your 
encouragement & guidance to help me do the 
things I love.You've helped me succeed & I'll 
always appreciate the countless things you've 
done for me. 

Nikki- No one knows me better than you do 
and I'll always be thankful for your 
willingness to guide me in the right direction. 
You always believe in me & push me to do 
better in everything I do. Thank you for never 
letting me give up on my dreams. 
The Crew- You all know who you are. From 
Bruins games to the Rez, we always find a 
way to have a good time together. You guys 
helped make these past few years 
unforgettable. I love you all. 
For The Boys- We are bringing the cup home 
this year. "The legs feed the wolf - Herb 

Aubrey Adams 

I would like to thank my parents, everything I 
have ever accomplished I owe to them. Dad: 
You're the smartest man I know and you 
continue to challenge and teach me everyday. 
Mom: You are so understanding and I could 
always feel safe with you. Taylor: "my 
maasha," I love you so much. Thanks for 
always bailing me out and being there for me 
through the thick and thin. Joel: You got me 
through high school. You were my sanity and 
my best friend. 1 will always love you. Sam 
Markuse: Thanks for coaching me through my 
messes and always making me laugh. 
Samantha: No matter what, I could always 
trust you with my life. Teachers and Coaches: 
You prepared me for the real world. My 
Dearest Zachary: You changed my life and got 
me out of junior and senior year alive. I love 

Augustine Villanueva 

"The lessons of the past provide the path to the 
future." There are so many people who shaped 
who I am now. Each person has had a major 
impact on my life. I would like to thank all the 
wonderful teachers I've had; without you all, I 
would never have become who I am now. Mr. 
Felker, thanks for being a wonderful music 
teacher and keeping music in my life. And a 
special thank you to my guidance counselor, 
Ms. Ford, for always helping me whenever I 
needed it and for the support and guidance 
through high school. Mom, Dad and Jon, 
thanks so much for always being there for me, 
and always inspiring me to do my best. I 
appreciate everything you've done for me. 
And finally a great thank you to all of my 
friends, especially the Class of 2013. Things 
wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for 
you all. Thanks for being there, always making 
me laugh and smile. Well, it's been great and 
I'll miss you all. 

Austin O'Connor 

To my parents: thanks for raising me, and 
making lunch for me, not charging rent for my 
room, not kicking me out of the house, and all 
that. I'd also like to thank my friends, all the 
ones who helped welcome me to Bedford 
when I first moved here, and the friends I have 
now. You guys are all awesome. And finally, 
I'd like to thank some teachers — Sunderland 
and Donnelly, for just educating me about the 
world in general, and Mrs. Morrison, for being 
a great Bio teacher (you're all great people). 
There will probably be some teachers and 
people who I'll want to add here by the end of 
senior year, but the liming doesn't quite work 
out, so... thanks to everyone who'll help me in 
the future, too. Thanks for all the good 

Bethany Rennich 

"We'll be friends forever, won't we Pooh?' 
asked Piglet. "Even longer," answered Pooh." 

Thank you Mom, for understanding me and 
helping me through tough times and thank you 
Dad for teaching me how to be strong. Travis, 
you are always there to show me how, and 
Jared, your quirky quips never fail to make me 
laugh. Jennifer, you are thai little sister that 
everyone wants- thank you for pushing mc. 
Soccer girls: Thank you for taking me in and 
making these years fun. And finally, thank you 
to all my teachers for inspiring me to go where 
I will go. 

Brendan Rosen 

"When one door closes, another opens" 

The time has come to move on.. .Bedford has 
been great to me. Friends, teachers, and 
everyone that I have met have had an 
influence on me one way or another. I will not 
forget a single one of you. Mom and Dad: 
Thank you for everything you have given me: 
I realize how hard you both work and admire 
the successes you have achieved. I will strive 
everyday to become accomplished like you 
both. Greg: Though at times you can be a 
pain-in-lhe-ncck. I know I'm lucky to have 
such an influential, driven brother like you. To 
my classmates, I know I have made some 
friendships that will last a lifetime. Shout out 
to Mrs. Ford for being patient with me and 
always giving me sound advice. Thanks 

Brian Hughes 

I would like to thank my family, friends, and 
teachers for the amazing years I have spent at 
Bedford High School. Without their support, I 
do not think my experience would have been 
as great as it turned out. First, I would like to 
thank my parents for standing by me each step 
of the way, through the ups and the downs and 
even when the going got lough, they were still 
there for me lending their assistance. And to 
my friends, the awesome people who have 
made my experience here better than I could 
have hoped for, the memories will last forever. 
Finally, to the teachers, thank you for guiding 
me and preparing me for life beyond high 
school, for this is only the first step on the road 
to my future! Thank you evcrjone, it has been 
an unforgettable four years and the memories, 
and friendships that we shared will always be 

Brittany Boyd 

Mom&Dad- I don't think I can thank you two 
enough for everything you've done. Thank 
you for always being there for me. For pushing 
mc to do my best. For making mc laugh when 
I cry. You've shaped me into the person I am 
today. I couldn't ask for two better role 
models. I love you! 

AJ & Austin- I know we've had our ups and 
our downs, but you're still two of my best 
friends. Thanks for putting up w ith me through 
the years, I love you two boys. 
Balsam Drive Girls- My oldest friends, we've 
been through everything together. I always 
turn to you whenever I need anything and I 
don't know what I'm going to do at college 
next year w ithoul you. 

John- I can't put into words how much you 
mean to me. You're my best friend. Love 
you always. 

My 2013 Girls & Boys- Thank you for making 
the past four years the host. I don't 
know how 1 would'vc made it ihrv^ugh without 
you guys. Good luck next year! 

Bruno Arocha 

I would love to thank my immediate family 
and relatives for showing me the importance 
of what I have accomplished. I thank my sister 
Tosh since she has helped and supported me 
my entire life, we're a team. I have greatly 
appreciated the support of all my friends such 
as Vincent Anderson, Abe Grainger, Mike 
Marshall, Isaiah Phoenix, Stephen Imsong. 
Larry Gonzalez, Werner Kuhn, and Adam 
Roscoe. These people are really the best 
friends anyone could ever have. They have 
kept me really positive and have helped me to 
have great motivation for anything. They've 
all made me a better person in the long run. 
The teachers at BHS deserve many thanks for 
giving me a grand education with tremendous 
advice to carry on with me in the future! 


Charlotte Gale 

Thank you so much to all of my friends, 
family and teachers over the years for all of 
the love and support. I wouldn't have gotten 
through high school without it. A very special 
thanks to my Dl girls for being the craziest 
best friends ever for so many years. 

Christine Bahtiarian 

Congratulations Class of 20131 The years 
really have flown by. The past four years have 
been filled with great memories that I will 
carry with me for the rest of my life. All of the 
sport teams, clubs, school activities, classes, 
and students have made an impact on me. 
First. I want to thank all of my teachers for 
having faith in me and helping me become the 
best I can be. I really have learned a lot and 
hope to carry everything with me as I head off 
to college. I also want to thank the soccer team 
for giving me great memories and something I 
looked forward to everyday. 1 also want to 
thank my Armenian community for always 
being there when I needed someone. Thank 
you to my sister, Lucine. You really have been 
a great role model and paved the way perfectly 
for me. Finally, thank you to my parents for 
always being there for me and guiding me 
through the thick and (hin. 
Best of luck Class of 2013! 

Claudia Lawry 

First of all, I want to say thank you lo my 
parents, who have always done everything 
they could for me. Secondly, I want to thank 
all of my friends and acquaintances for all of 
the fun times over the past 4 years, especially 
all of my new ones: GS. JW. SW (x2!), WF, 
KH, KL, EH, SM, JC, WH, KT, CF. JN, BL. 
AS. SH. all the Emmas, JW. CN. AN. AV. the 
rest of the windowsill group, all of my favorite 
2014/15'ers. everyone in JROTC (especially 
senior staff, and it's been great being t 
commander with you. JR) all know who 
you are. and you're all the best! I'm also 
grateful for all of the opportunities and things 
I've been a part of at BHS. like participating in 
JROTC and lES. Finally. I want lo thank all of 
the awesome teachers I've had or have gotten 
to know, especially Stief. Rose. Captain, 
Chief, Donnelly, Niven, Ferro/Belanger, and a 
HUGE thank you to Ms. Komfeld, for always 
being so patient, wise, and understanding. 

Connor Higgins 

First. I want to thank my parents for all their 
support and help throughout my life. You have 
both always been willing to help with anything 
that I asked. I have been taught to work hard 
and always put in a full effort. Thank you to 
my sister Jordan, I appreciate everything that 
you've done for me over the years, and I am 
glad to call you my sister and spend time with 
you. I'd also like to thank niy many teachers 
over the years who've helped turn me into the 
person I am today. Lastly I would like to thank 
all of my great friends, who have always had 
my back and are so much fun to be around. 
I'm sure we won't forget the times we've 
shared and the countless inside jokes we've 
massed over the years! I couldn't have asked 
for a better surrounding of great supportive 
people, and I would just like lo say thank you 
all! I'm excited to see where life is going to 
take me. 

Cory Wilson 

To my mom and dad. you've been the best 
parents I could ever ask for. You have always 
been there for me, and have sacrificed more 
time for me than I could ever imagine. You 
drove me lo the gym for all those years, and 
whether it is time out of your day or a new car. 
you are always giving. I am especially grateful 
that you have always given me my 
independence, supporting my decisions and 
letting me live life for myself. To my brother 
Chris, you are the most kind and generous 
person I know. While all older brothers enjoy 
picking on their younger siblings, it has 
surprised me thai you have gone all these 
years without bullying me or Devon, even if 
we deserved it. To my brother Devon, you are 
still making me laugh after all these years. 
Whether it is a good time lo crack a joke or not 
is irrelevant, the jokes keep on coming. What 
I'm basically saying is, 1 love you guys. 

Daniel Moore 

Thank you lo my parents and grandparents for 
always believing in me and being there when 
you knew I needed you. Thanks to Jacob for 
being the best brother 1 could ask for and 
always helping me gel my mind off of my 
stress and just have fun. 1 am who 1 am 
because of all of you. To my friends: you 
made high school what it was and I couldn't 
have done it without you. You make the worst 
days belter and are always ready lo help me 
through anything. I know you will always be 
there for me, no matter how far apart we are. 
and I can't thank you enough for that. To my 
teachers: you have taught me so much about 
myself and the world around me. You truly 
shaped how I think and learn. I cannot imagine 
high school without my family, friends, and 
teachers and I know that what all of you have 
given me will help me as I move forward and 
continue lo grow. 

David Silbert 

As we near the end of senior year, I'd like 10 
thank those who've been pillars of strength for 
me throughout my life. Firstly. I'd like lo 
thank the BHS Marching Band, for giving me 
an outlet lo show my musical personality, 
granting me the privileged opportunity lo lead 
the band as Drum Major, and introducing me 
to the nicest, most accepting group of people 
in the world. Secondly, I'd like to thank the 
wonderful people who I'm proud and fortunate 
to call my friends. It is thanks to all of you that 
I have lived a worthwhile, meaningful 
childhood in Bedford. You'll all be sorely 
missed, although true friends never part. 
Finally, I'd like to thank my mom. dad. and 
brother, w ho are the biggest supporters I ha\e. 
and will ever have, in life. Although I might 
not have always have expressed my gratitude 
to you three. I'm thankful everyday for the 
sacrifices you've made for me and for the 
lessons you've taught me. You will all be 
forever in my thoughts and prayers. 

Deonte Small 

Senior year already. Seems like jusl yesterday 
I was a quiet, unknown freshman at 
orientation. It wasn't until after the orientation 
at football practice where I met my first 
Bedford friend who is still my best friend to 
this day: Abe Grainger. He went from being a 
friend to a brother. Abe is just one of my two 
closest friends. Warren Femandez is the other. 
I've known him since 3rd grade. Abe and 
Warren have been there with me through it all. 
If I didn't have them as friends, 1 honestly 
wouldn't have had the great high school 
experience that I've had. I also want to thank 
Abe's parents Carole and Clive for giving me 
a home away from home. I truly love you two. 
I want to give the greatest thanks to my 
mother. She's been my role model. She's the 
strongest and most motivational woman I 
know. If it wasn't for her, I would not have 
made it through high school at all. Thank you 
Mom and I love you. 

Emma Rosier 

Thank you BHS: teachers, coaches and 
everyone for giving me the most positive high 
school experience I could ever imagine. Mom 
& Dad- For teaching me the most valuable 
lessons, always having my back and being my 
biggest supporters. Abbit & Grace & Alex- 
Fights aside, I would do anything for you and I 
know you all would do the same. RIS- for 
giving me an everlasting friendship and being 
a third sister for 12 years. LOU- for 
understanding me like no one else and 
becoming one of the most important people in 
my life. J- for countless laughs since 
preschool. RIRI- for amazing childhood 
memories and always caring about me. IZ- for 
introducing Lil'Em to country music and being 
so loyal. H- for making me a YouTube 
sensation. Girls, it'll always be Us Against the 
World. My boys & the rest of the crew, even 
after boring weekends, I'm so proud to call 
Bedford my home. You've made growing up 
here unforgettable and I'll always remember 
these memories we have made. Never become 
strangers, I love you all. Congratulations 

Devon Duncan 

First, I want to thank my family for supporting 
me in whatever endeavors I chose to follow 
and when times got tough. They were always 
there for me when 1 needed them to be. I also 
want to thank all of my friends who have been 
there for me (Michael, Mike, Nick, Leah, 
Bosco, Dan. Alec, Steven, Elliot, Vaf, Bowers, 
Robby, Connor, David. Eric, Auggi. Josh). 
You guys made high school memorable and 
fun, thanks to all of you. I especially want to 
thank Elise who has been there for me and has 
always cared for me no matter what happened. 
But who can forget the amazing teachers that 
made this possible, from Mrs. Thomas in 4th 
grade to Mr. Hebert and Mrs. Harvey in 1 Ith 
and 12th grade, always helping me to write 
and understand literature belter. As well as Mr. 
O'Brian in 8th grade to Mr. Stief, Mr. Lew, 
Mrs. Heldman. Mr. Griffin for always 
inspiring me and fascinating me with the 
world of science and science team. 
Thanks to everyone of class 2013. 

Eric Tate 

I want to thank my entire family. Mom and 
Dad, you two are the best. Thank you so much 
for giving me lots of helpful advice and 
always being there. Nick, you're awesome. 
You're always there to play the older brother 
role and have helped me through lough times, 
thanks. Devon, we have shared so many fun 
memories and I love how you always let me 
hang with your friends. You're a great sister 
and I love you.Thank you Marching Band for 
being awesome, inspiring me to play 
saxophone, and jusl being like family. XC 
guys, it was fun. Keep running and slay in 
shape! Thank you to the BHS Music 
Department for simply being the best. Also, lo 
Janet, my choir director and theory teacher, 
thanks for teaching me about music and 
helping me write my songs. Thank you lo all 
my friends. know who you arc. You guys 
are great, and I hope we all end up doing what 
we love. 

Congratulations Class of 2013, we finally 
made it! 

Eliza Stacey 

"Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by 
your dreams." - Proverb. Thank you to all of 
the people in my life who supported me in 
these past four years — I couldn't have done it 
without you! Mom & Dad — you are always 
there for me with your gracious love and 
guidance: I could never thank you enough. 
Court — you will always be my best friend and 
I am so lucky to have an older sister like you 
who gives me advice on anything and 
everything I do! Benjer — I am so happy we 
are able to share my last year (and your first 
year) of high school together. I'm so proud to 
call you my little bro. To all of my teachers 
and coaches — thank you for guiding me 
through the years, challenging me to do my 
best, and helping me reach for my goals. To all 
of my friends and peers — together we have 
shaped amazing memories and relationships 
that I can never forget: I'll miss you all! 
Good Luck Class of 2013! 

Erica Hsiung 

I am grateful to my friends and parents for 
everything they've done to make high school 
so amazing and for constantly pushing me to 
be a better person. To Mrs. Devaney: Thank 
you for sticking by me these four years and 
transforming ceramic class into something I 
look forward to everyday. Thanks everyone. 
I'll miss you. 

Elizabeth Creason 

Thank you to all of the teachers who have put 
up with me over the years. You have helped 
me grow immensely as a student and as a 
person, and I will never forget that. Even if we 
did not gel along, I thank you for being my 
teacher: you may have affected me in more 
ways than you know. High school has been a 
roller coaster of extreme ups and downs that I 
am ready to move on from, but in the end I 
think I will always remember that I ARE 
BHS. ..and you are the ones who taught me 
thai. I am 100% sure that the real woHd will 
beat me down, but I am 100% confident that 
you have prepared me as best as you can. So 
once again, and I mean it. Thank You. 

Evelyn Sainato 

Thank you lo all my friends, family, teachers 
and counselors throughout high school! 
Special thanks to Mom and Dad. and my fab 
four besties. Love & miss you all best of luck 

o('^)(o'^)o :• 

Grace Song 

Thank you. mom and dad, for always being 
there for me. Thank you, auntie, for all the 
things you gave me that I don't deserve. You 
guys are the reason for my dreams. And, 
friends! Thank you for the memories. I will 
miss you all. 

Halie LeSavage 

To my family, thank you for your love, 
support, and encouragement over eight moves 
and eighteen years. 1 wouldn't have half of the 
drive to succeed or determination to achieve 
my dreams without knowing you'd be 
cheering for me on the sidelines the whole 
way. To my teachers and counselors, 
especially Mr. Niven, Mr. DeChellis, and Mrs. 
Morrison, thank you for challenging my 
thinking, changing my perspective, and giving 
me the tools 1 need to be the best student (and 
person) possible. To the close friends I've 
made at BHS (you know who you are) and 
those in so many other states, thank you for 
sticking with me through more ups and downs 
than 1 can count. I have been so blessed to 
have met each and every one of you, and I 
can't put into words how much your friendship 
means to me. We may be going our separate 
ways at the end of this year, but 1 can't wait to 
see you again in the future. 

Hailey Millar 

1 first owe a huge thanks to my parents. You 
have been nothing but supportive my whole 
life and I can't thank you enough for all you 
have given me and the memories you have 
created for our family. 1 love you more than 
anything. Bubs and Evdawg- 1 may not show 
it enough but you two are the best things that 
ever happened to me and the greatest brothers 
I could ask for. You've given me so many 
laughs and I love you so much. To all my 
2013 boiis and galz- I am so grateful to have 
spent these past twelve years with you, you 
have made me who I am today. Jackie, Marisa, 
Melina & Samaniha- words can't describe 
how much 1 appreciate you all in my life. You 
made these past four years worthwhile and 1 
will carry our memories with me all the way to 
the west coast. 2013. it's been real. The Bucs 
will always be a part of me. Here we go now! 
On to bigger and better things 

Hanna Pisera 

Mama and Tata, a few words cannot thank you 
for everything you've done for me these pM 
17 years. From picking me up at the bus stop 
every day after Davis School to flying acract 
the country to take me on college visits, you 
have been there for me every step of the way, 
and I truly appreciate all you've sacrificed for 
me. Marta and OIek, although we (constantly) 
have our fights, 1 could not have asked for 
funnier, smarter, or better siblings. I love you 
both so much. To my volleyball girls, thank 
you for being there for me whether it be on or 
off the court. Erin, Hannah, and Vicki. thank 
you three for putting up with my crazy, rude, 
sarcastic, loud self and for making me laugh 
through my best and worst days. Lastly, thank 
you to the teachers at BHS. for making me the 
strong, curious, and determined student 1 am 
Congrats class of 20 1 3 ! 

Hannah Higgins 

Thank you, mom and dad for all of the years 
of love and support. Thank you for always 
attending my games and academic 
achievements no matter what. I could not have 
become the person I am today without your 
guidance and advice. No matter the arguments 
or fights, I always appreciate everything you 
have done for me and always love you. Thank 
you to all of my friends who have been there 
through everything, you have made my high 
school experience one that I will never forget. 
1 could not have imagined having better 
friends; you all mean the world to me. No 
matter what happened we could tell each other 
everything, make fun of each other, and 
always have a great time. I will never forget 
the memories we made and the goofy 
nicknames (raunch squad). 1 love you all and 
wish you the best of luck in college. 

Hannah Kim 

First of all, 1 would like to thank my parents, 
the two most important people in my life. I 
would not be where 1 am today without all the 
advice, homework help, rides, and love you 
both have given me throughout my life. 
Secondly. 1 would like to thank my sister. 
Faith. Even though you can drive me crazy, 
you are one of the sweetest people 1 know and 
I'm grateful that we've gotten so close over 
the years. A big thanks to my wonderful 
teachers, advisors, and all the faculty members 
of the school: you have all made me smarter 
and given me the tools to succeed in the world. 
And to the golf and swim teams: you guys 
have been a great support system and my 
second family. An extra special thank you to 
my friends: you guys have made me wiser, 
kinder, and happier. 1 will miss every single 
one of you and I wish you all the best of luck 
in everything you do in the future. 

Hannah Mardini 

Parents: You've always been there. Through the 
ups and downs, you always find a way to push 
me through. I owe so much to you. I hope I've 
made you proud and continue to in the future. 
Tennis team: EYYY BUCS! You guys made HS 
the best time of my life, and created an 
unforgettable journey. Sharing the courts with 
you felt like home. Love you all. Keep smacking 
those balls! Friends: You've made me laugh 
when I wanted to cry. pushed me through 
assignments that seemed impossible, and 
supplied endless stories. I'll miss you too much. 
Malik: Bro. thanks for making me laugh, 
suggesting songs, and getting me through some 
rough times. Love you! Melissa: Too many 
memories. We've been best friends since Pre-K 
snacktime. I love you so much. You've 
challenged me every way possible and stuck with 
me forever. Kristina: We've been through it all. 
Here's to Niv sunivors. Spongebob quotes, and 
being an old married couple. You've truly gotten 
me through it all. and understand me like no one 

Hemant Acharya 

Thanks you. .Mom and Dad. for puning u| 
with all my craziness and for guiding me I 
study hard in school and providing me will 
whatever I needed to succeed. I'm blessed I 
have parents that bend-over-backward for me 
1 thank my aunties Simla and Vignesh wh( 
both passed away this past year and 1 hope To 
making you proud. I thank my brMhe 
Hemang and sister Nisha for being alway 
there for me and putting up with all d 
frustration I may bring. I would also like 
thanks all my friends, teachers, and all tl 
guidance staff for everything in high schoo 
and guiding me to be a bener person, alwayi 
having faith in me, and alw ays being there fo 
me w hen I need a friend. Lastly I would like I 
thank Shiva, Millie, and Frank. You guys ■ 
like family and always offer advice an 
comfort me when I am down or need a firiew 
to talk to no matter what time it is. 
importantly, I thank God for everything 
gave me. 


Isabelle Rogers 

Wl- did it 2013! Thank you to all my teachers 
•md coaches over the years. Captain and Chief, 
iluink you for showing me how to be a great 
c.idet and person. Panda, you are my best 
liicnd, couldn't do it without you. Mom. Dad. 
,ind Michelle thank you for pushing me and 
always believing in me. Uncle T. I love you. 
Maria, Brittany, Marisa, Emma, Laura, Jackie, 
Hailey, and Kristin- high school wouldn't have 
hcen the same without you all. Brit's house/ 
Maria's basement/The Rez (sorry boys)/the 
ciiurts/FSU. I will always be there for you all. 
love you. "The Boys"- sorry you had to deal 
w iih all of the girls, taking care of us always, 
w e love you for that. Best times with you guys 
and many more to come. Bedford has always 
iK-en my home: even though it will be sad to 
leave. I know I can always come back. It's 
u here we loved, lived, and learned real life 
siuff; it's everything we're made of. Good luck 
everyone with everything you pursue. 

Jack Linnehan 

Wow. This is it. First of all I'd like to thank 
my parents, for pushing me and pushing me 
and refusing to accept nothing but the best 
(even though 1 pushed back at times). You had 
my best interests in mind, and I love you for it. 
Next, thanks to my sisters. Maria, you are the 
best twin I could have spent my life with, and 
we'll always have that bond. I know it'll be 
hard to be away from me, but trust me, you'll 
get over it. Katie, although we've butted heads 
way too much over the years, you're still a 
great little sister. Next, my history fair group. 
We've shared jokes and hated each other 
simultaneously. You guys are my best friends, 
and I'm glad that we've grown closer as a 
result. Churchill forever! To the rest of my 
friends, thank you for being my friends, 
because you've made my life a lot of fun. 
Coach Boschetto and Gunnar. thanks for 
giving me the opportunity to play soccer. 
Congrats 2013. we did it. 



Jacob Margolis 

DAD. you've always pushed me to do my best 
and although at first I didn't appreciate it, I 
realize now how important it was, thank you 
so much. MOM, although you aren't here to 
see me graduate, you were undoubtedly one of 
the most influential people in my life, and you 
helped make me who I am today. I miss you 
every day and thank you for raising me so 
well. TINA, thank you for helping me in every 
way you could and making my dad happy, 
welcome to the family. GREG and JESS, 
you've made my home life so enjoyable, and 
Greg 1 hope we keep .speaking in British 
accents to each other 30 years from now. SYD. 
you're family to me and I will always be 
thankful for how you've encouraged me 
through everything. You have made me so 
happy these past couple years. I want to thank 
all of my friends for dealing with my quirks 
and making high school a time to remember. 
Although I'm not mentioning names you know 
who you are and 1 wish all of 2013 good luck! 

Jacob Seymourian 

If there is anything my parents taught me in 
the short seventeen years of my life so far, i( is 
to be grateful. "Did you thank his mom for 
letting you stay over?" or "Don't forget to 
write those Thank You cards for your birthday 
presents." and always, "You need lo be 
thankful for all the things you have." Now it's 
time for me to thank you. Your support 
through all the challenging courses I somehow 
choose to take was 90 percent of the reason I 
got through them. With my habit of doing 
everything the night before provided a lot of 
stress these last few years, and you always 
knew how to calm it down. Thank you both 
for everything. And I have to thank my friends 
for keeping that stress down too. since 
whenever there was a big test or project due, 
we would all fear together. 

Jacqueline Barmashi 

I ).id. Mom & Joe- I can't thank you enough 
lur everything you have done for me over the 
\cars. You guys are always there for me with 
>iHir love and support and I can always count 
on you. My grandparents- You four are such a 
^IKcial part of my life and always will be. 
I liank you for everything you've done. 
I ii.immic, thanks for being my best friend ever 
siiK'c I was little. My friends- Every one of 
\ ou means so much lo me and have made my 
liigh school experience so good and so 
memorable. Love you all! And a special 
ilianks lo Mr. Niven, Dr. Ryan, Mrs. Luke and 
my Field Hockey girls! Congrats class of 
2013, we did it!!!! 

Jacqueline Brady 

Mom and Dad: thanks for giving me such a 
great life and helping me through everything, I 
appreciate it more then you know. Joe and Ab: 
thanks for always being there. I can always 
count on you for giving me a quality laugh. H 
and Mar: I really couldn't ask for two better 
best friends. You both have helped me through 
so much and we have had an unreal amount of 
laughs and good times that I will never 
forget. ..luv you. Em, Laur, Ri, Madz. Iz, Brit, 
Mere, Hockey Boiiiz. Liv, and M4, thank you 
guys so much for being such amazing friends 
and creating memories that I will have with me 
for the rest of my life. You guys made high 
school truly memorable and I love all of you 
for that. Congrats class of 20 1 3 ! 

Jacqueline Yang 

Thank you so much, mom and dad, for your 
love and support. You've helped shape me 
into a better person and I never would have 
made it here without you. I'd also like to thank 
all of my friends. Through the good and the 
bad. we've made it through together and 1 
couldn't ask for better friends. You guys have 
made my experience at BHS truly memorable. 
I'd also like to thank my volleyball team. You 
girls have been so supportive and are 
practically my second family. From amazing 
team bonding trips to comeback victories, the 
memories we've made together are truly 
everlasting. Finally, thanks to all my teachers, 
especially Mr. Donnelly. Thank you so much 
for helping me discover my interest in 
economics and providing me with many 
remarkable opportunities such as meeting so 
many lop economists from around the world. I 
will deHnilely hold onto the wonderful 
memories of my four years at BHS and 
amazing friendships for the rest of my life. 
Thank you BHS. 1 will truly miss you. 

James Doud 

I want to thank my parents, friends, and my 
teachers for supporting me and helping me lo 
become who I am today. 


James Robert White 

To Mom and Dad, for supporting me with my 
decisions no matter what and for always being 
there for me when I needed help. All the 
success I've had, I owe entirely to you. Thank 
you for pushing me so hard day in, day out, 
every year to gel to where I am. I know it 
usually doesn't seem it, but I am truly grateful 
for everything you have done for me. Thank 
you for forcing me through music lessons no 
matter what and helping me find my passion 
for music. To my best friends, I couldn't have 
gotten through high school without you guys. 
Thank you for everything. Love you all# <3 To 
the music department, for the countless 
opportunities you gave me to do w hat I love. 

James Burnett 

Being a senior in high school is like being at 
the top of a mountain; you have the ability to 
look back at your progress, all obstacles you 
had to get through, and most importantly, all 
the people that helped you through your 
journey. Obviously, my academic teachers, 
music teachers and coaches helped me out. 
But the people that made a real difference in 
my life were my friends. Just having people to 
talk out problems with felt great and being 
there for them in turn helped me. As I always 
say. "When you help others, you can't help 
helping yourself. Despite the valiant efforts 
from my friends and peers, I couldn't always 
tell them everything. This is why the single 
most important person in my life during high 
school years was my younger brother. He was 
always available and I could talk to him about 
literally everything in my life. He was always 
there to give me invaluable advice. Thanks 
Tom, you made this possible. 

p ^ r 

James Kiely 

I want to thank my parents for loving and 
supporting me in all that 1 do. 1 very rarely say 
this in person, but I really think that they're the 
greatest parents 1 could ever ask for. Thank 
you to my brother Chris, for being someone I 
can look up to both in terms of academic 
success, and success out of school. Thank you 
to my sister Erin, for being one of my closest 
friends, and for teaching me that you really are 
happiest when you're being yourself. I also 
want to thank all my friends, who are the main 
reason that I've been able to drag myself out 
of bed every day and face all the crazy things 
that go on in school. Finally, thank you to my 
teachers for doing a fantastic job at preparing 
me for this next stage in my life, especially 
those who went beyond simply providing 
information, and instead made class something 
that I could look forward to (Ms. Morrison. 
Faulkner, and Flannery to name a few). 

Jamie Garber 

I want to thank both of my parents for 
everything they have done since day one. 
Mom, you are an olympian who never quits at 
anything: I strive to be like you everj' day. 
You always seem to know whats best for me 
and have been my number one fan for as long 
as I can remember, and I love you for that 
Dad. sorry I could not be the star left-handed 
Softball player you secretly wished for. but 
you still came to every one of my ballet 
performances. You are the best dad any girl 
could wish for. Josh, you always can make me 
laugh till I cry. I thank you! David, mi amor, if 
you think that when I am older I will stop 
teasing you. good-luck with that. Jacoby. you 
are my inspiration. You give me a daily dose 
of sunshine. "I love you to the back of the 
moon." And to my BFF since forever, our 
crazy times are not over yet. Thank you and 
love you all! 

Jessica Reyes 

I'd like to say thank you to my family for 
always being there for me throughout high 
school, thanks to all of my friends for helping 
me grow into the person that I am now and 
for sharing new and fun experiences w ith me. 
Special thank y ou to my best friend Shahim 
aka Kali Mist for basically guiding me 
throughout my sophomore and junior year 
and for being the best friend I've never had. 
And thanks to all of the great teachers I've 
had. if there's anything I've learned it's that 
high school is tough but it's the learning 
experiences that make it worthwhile. Adios 
amigos y gracias para todos. 

Jennie Segal 

Only this much space 

For 18 years worth of thanks? 

Haikus always work! 

Thank you. Mom and Dad 

You've put up with a whole lot 

For that, I'm grateful 
My amazing friends: 
1 love all of you so much 
I know we'll stay close! 

Of course, can't forget: 

XC. Tournament. BChordz. 

Highlights of high school 
Thanks a bunch. KT 
You rock.. . don't you ever change. 
And to my classmates: 

Although Bedford's small. 

And we all know each other 

A little too well. 
Looks like we're done now ... 
We've made some great memories 
m cherish these years 


Class of 2013 

Goodbye and good luck! 

Jillian Barnes 

"Who ever's the owner of the white Sudan, 
you left your lights on." -Patrick Star. Thank 
you. Patrick. I'm so thankful for my mom and 
dad. and my sister. Gabby and my brother. 
Caleb for shaping me into who I've become. 
My family means the world to me. To my best 
friends Alex. Kristen. Nessa. Molly, and 
Deborah who have never failed to make me 
appreciate everything I have. Thank you to my 
cheer team for giving me something to look 
forward to every day after school. I love you 
girls. #coIlege Mark 1 1:22. 


Jing Wang 

Even though four years shortly come to an 
end. I still remember that day when I moved 
here as a freshman, like it was yesterday. I 
want to thank everyone including my friends, 
my family and teachers who supported me 
through those times, and I'm very grateful to 
know every single one of you. 

Joseph Gallagher 

I would not be who I am loday without the 
boundless suppoil from my Mom and Dad. 
Mom, you have helped me through absolutely 
everything, and you have instilled in me your 
sense of humor and compassion. You have 
pushed me to reach within and get the most 
out of my potential, and 1 can never thank you 
enough for that. Dad, you have always been 
easy going and coached me throughout all the 
years. Shannon, you have served as a role 
model to me and I could not have asked for a 
better sister. I want to thank all of my friends, 
from the new ones I've made at BHS, to the 
life long friends in the Winterberry gang. And 
lastly thanks to my teachers, coaches and 
anyone else who have impacted my life and 
gave me an unforgettable four years at BHS. 

Jordan Sell 

Thanks to my family, who have supported me 
through thick and thin throughout my life. 
"No matter what happens, just keep climbing 
the mountain." 

Joshua Yannix 

There arc so many people that 1 want to thank. 
First, my parents, for pushing me to he my 
best, always believing in me, and driving me 
to practices, games, concerts, tutoring -you 
name it. Thanks to Justin and Jasmin - Til 
miss you more than you'll know in college. 
Thanks to my wonderful teachers, you've been 
unbelievable in teaching with such care, 
emotion and persistence that your enthusiasm 
for your subject was contagious, which is the 
greatest thing any student could ask for. 
Thanks to my amazing guidance counselor, 
Ms. Ford, who always went above and 
beyond. Thanks to all my friends -for whom I 
leave a short message: "Finally, Air Higs, 
Ichabod and George Michaels went to dem 
govement circles, where they legit scrubbed 
for durian, milk, crepes, and carrot perfume, 
else (psych!) they be stricken down with great 
vengeance and furious anger *nods* by the 
timotei yachamendedi, or Aung." I love you 
all, friends, family, teachers, and know that I 
am who I am because of you, for better or 
worse (kidding). Thank you! 

Katie Kwan 

I want to thank my family for supporting me 
all these years and for giving me their 
unconditional love. And a big thanks to all my 
truly wonderful friends for making me laugh 
and helping me make some of the greatest 
memories ever! Congrats, class of 201 3! 

Julia Powell 

Thank you everyone lor helping mc get to 
where I am today. Without your help, the 
journey would have been so much harder. I 
would like to thank my family and friends for 
the unconditional support and love. To 
everyone who has been there for me through 
the past four years, thank you so much. Words 
can not describe how grateful I am. BHS, 
thank you for the wonderful memories. And 
lastly, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 2013!!!! 

Katy Hollyday 

I just want to thank anyone w ho ever made me 
laugh so hard that 1 cried- I'll be telling 
stories about you guys until I'm a crazy old cat 

Katherine Connell 

MOM AND DAD- Thanks for always 
supporting me and helping me with 
Thanks for making my life so entertaining and 
being the best siblings. FRIENDS- Thanks for 
all the crazy, fun times and always making me 
laugh. Love you guys<3 DANCETIME & 
STARETTES- Thank you for giving me the 
best memories. We are truly a family and I 
love you all so much. I'll always remember the 
times we spent together. Congrats 2013! 

Katherine Luczai 

"Not what we give, but what we share, for the 
gift, without the giver, is bare." - James 
Russell Lowell. 

TO THOSE who have laughed at my silly 
jokes. Who taught me more than what was 
written on the slides and pages of a book. Who 
have loved mc and raised me since the day 1 
was bom. Who opened the doors to singing 
and music. Whose voices blended with mine. 
Who have shared the blinding stage lights. 
Who have walked around the track until our 
feet grew sore. Who have listened to my 
problems and gave their best advice. Who sat 
with me on a plane to France, Italy and 
Greece. Who drove with me for hours, just 
because. Who shared my name and silly ways. 
Who wrote in A Book. Who played their 
songs for me and kept mc company under the 
summer stars. Who have made me feel 
beautiful and have inspired me to be more. 
I say Thank You; you'll always have a place in 
my heart and my mind. 



Keisuke Isobe 

To my parents: thanks for raising me, and 
making lunch for me. not charging rent for my 
room, not kicking me out of the house, and all 
that. I'd also like to thank my friends, all the 
ones who helped welcome me to Bedford 
when I first moved here, and the friends I have 
now. You guys are all awesome. And finally, 
I'd like to thank some teachers — Sunderland 
and Donnelly, for just educating me about the 
world in general, and Mrs. Morrison, for being 
a great bio teacher (you're all great people). 
There will probably be some teachers and 
people who I'll want to add here by the end of 
senior year, but the timing doesn't quite work 
out. so... thanks to everyone who'll help me in 
the future, loo. Thanks for all the good 

Kevin Leskouski 

First of all. I would like to thank my family. 
Tina, you have been there for me with school 
and have done whatever it lakes for me to get 
the best education possible. Dad, you have 
been there for me when it comes lo sports and 
have always gone out of your way to make 
sure I have the best gear for game time. 
Michael, like you said, we do fight a lot. but 
you're my bro and 1 love all the good times we 
have had playing around outside and 
F.N.U.I.C. Next, I would like to thank U-ah, 
my tutor, for improving my study skills and 
helping with any schoolwork I have needed 
for the past 6 years. SassyCassiel?. thank you 
for also helping me with all my schoolwork 
whenever I needed your help. Finally, I would 
like to thank Joanna and all of my friends; you 
know who you are, for all of the great 
memories and helping me get through high 

Kn'sten Green 

Where has the time gone'? The past four years 
have been a roller coaster with countless ups 
and downs and I would like to thank every 
single person who has been a part of it. Mom 
and Dad, you both arc amazing, thank you for 
guiding me in the right direction and helping 
me get through each year. I honestly couldn't 
ask for belter parents. Andrew, thank you for 
the time you have ever spent with me. you 
never fail to make me laugh or smile... even 
from Pennsylvania, I've missed you so much 
these past two years. Connor, thank you for 
being not only my brother, but also my friend, 
we've had good and bad times, but I wouldn't 
change a thing. Jillian, I have 50 words left, 
how do I make this fit? We have been through 
the best, and the worst. I can't express how 
thankful I am that wc have made il past the 
worst. I would have never got through high 
school without you. You are my best friend. 1 
fly so high. 

Kristin Plansky 

First of all. I want to thank my family. Mom 
and Dad. Thank you for always pushing me I 
be my best. I am so grateful for il all. Laura, 
you've always been there for me as my sia 
and my best friend. Thank you for everything 
you've done for me. To all my friends, we've 
had the best of times together and I hope wc 
stay in touch. I will miss you guys so much 
next year. It's been real 2013! 

Laura Coughlin 

MOM&DAD- Thank you for always 
supporting mc. teaching me to go for what I 
wanted, be myself, and to just enjoy life. 
MATT-Thanks for always being there for me, 
all the crazy things we did together were worth 
it #snakes. Without my family I wouldn't be 
who I am today. You are all my bestfriends 
and I love you. Thank you to my teachers 
(especially Ms. Ferro, Ms. Irving. Ms. 
Morrison). Mr. Mangan. coaches, and 
teammates for pushing me to be my best. 
FRIENDS-words can't describe my love for 
you all. Thank you for always being 
supportive and making everything fun. The 
memories we have created are nothing short of 
amazing from g5 to hockey boys, bruins and 
beach trips, school and sports. I'd say we left a 
mark on this town and had the time of our 
lives doing so. I wouldn't change a minute of 
it. I couldn't ask for a better place to have 
spent these years. A chapter is ending but our 
story has just begun. 2013 is an amazing class 
and I wish everyone luck! 

Laurel Barkan 

I can't believe that by the time we read this, 
we'll be in college. So many thank-you's. 
although first and foremost, thank you lo my 
fainily, my undeniable, constant rock. Mom 
and Dad - I couldn't have done It without all 
your counseling, advice, encouragement and 
love. Mikey - for being there when I needed a 
friend or feU like being weird. To my teachers. 
Niven. Sundo, Slief, Heldman, and Coach 
Hebert: thank you for helping me with 
everything. And finally, my dearest friends. 
Alex (aka Moses), Halie, Jacob, Ryan, Sam, 
Eliza, the rest of the "cynical seven," my XC 
sistahs, my history fair sallies, my BF 
scoopers. and all the rest of my friends; I love 
you all so much, thank you for all the amazing 
memories: having crazy times, too many 
Chipotle/ Brueggers/ Starbucks/ froyo runs, 
the late night hangouts, deep conversations, 
bonding over books, movies and music, eating 
all my food/ nachos. and making me cry from 
laughing too hard. And to the rest of 2013 - 
we did it! 

Leah Hamilton 

So many thanks. MOM & DAD- for... 
everything. For not only tolerating me. but 
loving me. For raising me into the young 
woman I've become. AARON- for being 
literally the best brother ever. I owe you 
everything. GRAMMY. GRAMPY. 
GRANDPA JIM & JUDY- for loving me and 
helping me grow since Day I . CRANE LAKE 
CAMP- for making me. well. me. I'm at a loss 
for words. I love you so. CLASS OF 2013- for 
having a rockin' good time with me for the 
past 13 years. The HEBREW SCHOOL 
CROWD- for showing me what faith really is. 
BB, NP. HD. KB. and CT- for raising me as 
one of your own. The BHS MUSIC 
DEPARTMENT- for instilling in me a fierce 
love of music of all sorts. To everyone I 
couldn't mention here, who has made me who 
1 am today, I thank you from the bottom of my 
heart. "Today you are you! That is truer than 
true! There is no one alive who is you-er than 
you!" -Dr. Seussdid il. 

Leah Laukien 

Life passes most people by while they're bus\ 
making grand plans for il. High school ha> 
been the quickest four years of my life and 
there are people who have helped shaped wh( 
I am today. Papa- you've always been tht 
biggest role model to me. I could brag abou 
you all day and I can only dream of havinj 
your success and determination one day 
Mom- you've always been someone I go lo fo> 
advice, and I appreciate how you're alway^ 
supportive of me. Kale and Adam- You'vt 
both acted like parents to me and shown n 
constant love since I've known you. I want I 
thank my friends for making my time ii 
Bedford truly memorable. Justin and Danielle 
you two never fail to pul a smile on my face 
Robby- you're the only person who cai 
always tell what's on my mind. You've givei 
me so many special memories that I'll neve 
forget, and I admire and love you. Snowbal 
and Buffy. you two are forever in my heait 
Good luck 2013! 

Lori Merlo 

As my high school years come to a close. 
I want to thank everyone who has helped me 
along the way. Family first, as it always goes; 
Mom. you fostered my creativity and made 
sure I was okay. Dad. when I need to solve a 
problem, you're the one that always knows. 
Kristen, you always make time for me to show 
you truly care. Jonny helps me out with the 
little things, and is careful to never impose. 
Haley is my partner in crime, we do each 
others' hair. Bella is my little sister, and 
together we put on shows. I've had fun with 
my friends and we've stuck together 
throughout the years. My teammates are a 
source of strength for me. even at my lows. 
Coaches make sure that the team adheres to 
the workouts that push the limits, as the team 
grows. Teachers guide and support me in my 
endeavors. An irreplaceable resource, they are 
not my foes. Thank you all for such great 
memories, But now it's time to say adios! 

Marisa Citrano 

Mom & Dad- Thank you for always being 
there for me. You know me better than anyone 
else and have guided me through my high 
school years. You've taught me the definition 
of hard work and without you 1 wouldn't be 
where I am today. You've been amazing and I 
appreciate that. Jake & Olivia- You are my 
best friends and no one will ever take your 
place. We have the silliest and the most fun 
times and 1 know you will shine at BHS for 
the next two years. I love you guys. My 
friends- You know who you are. Girls, we've 
been together since day one and nothing is 
going to change that. Guys, you've always had 
my back. The times we've all shared at 
Maria's, Britt's. Bruins games & more have 
been incredible. These memories will slay 
with us forever. You have all shaped me into 
who 1 am today. Thanks Mr. Niven, Coaches 
and Mr. Mangan. Class of 2013 good luck 
with whatever journey your life takes you on, 
it's only the beginning! 

Marguerite Rushanan 

In 1910, Dr. Faustus Erkenfricd began his life 
work experimentally creating a forced, 
broadened educational system for .social- 
psychological studies on America's white 
middle class adolescence. He called it "high 
school." His objectives were very confidential; 
even his lab assistants were never fully 
informed. He was instantly shocked to see 
how immediately his artificial, degrading trend 
caught on - the country even called it a 
"progressive movement!" In fact the idea 
rather exploded, and with quite a star-crossed 
finish. While on a brief return to his home 
country of Germany for vacation, the doctor's 
rural family estate was accidentally struck by a 
malfunctioning zeppelin bomber. Following 
Erkenfried's death, his assistants had no ideas 
other than to simply carry on with his vision, 
spreading it as others so demanded. Never 
mind the background info, if you were able to 
survive this twenty-first century mess without 
wholly sacrificing your creative self. I want to 
congratulate you. I'd also like to personally 
thank the 2013 T.o.P. gang and anyone else 
who was not too afraid to talk to me. Good 

Mark Bowers 

In my time in high school, a lot has changed, 
but if one thing has remained consistent, it's 
the people who have helped me through it all. 
I owe them so many thanks. My friends: There 
arc too many of you to list here, so let me just 
say that you are the best people in the world. 
We've all done something together that we'll 
never forget. You've shown me what it really 
means to be best friends, and I wouldn't trade 
that for anything. All of my teachers: You 
have been there to help me every step of the 
way, and I would not have survived high 
school without your help. And to my family: 
Mom, Dad, Matthew, Christopher, 
Orandmom, Nonie, and my whole family... 
Yoti've supported me since 1 first started 
school. 1 don't know what I'd do without you. 
but I know that you have and will always be 
there for me no matter what. Thank you all. lor 
not just the help, but for the memories we've 
had together. 

Maria Linnehan 

Mom: Thanks for helping me whenever I 
needed it and pushing me along the way. Dad: 
Thank you for being there to make me laugh. 1 
can always count on you! Jack: We've been 
together through everything. You're not only 
my twin but my best friend. Katie: Thanks for 
being my little princess. 1 know 1 can come to 
talk to you about anything. AJ: Thanks for 
having the same humor as me. even when it's 
disgusting. Thanks for the countless laughs 
and making anything we do an adventure. 
Even though I'll never admit it. you're my best 
friend. KL&KH: Thanks for listening to me 
talk nonstop and being my voice of reason the 
past 4 years. JB: Thank you for the countless 
car rides, trips to Panera. picking up my slack 
from our crew days and for spending two 
summers with me. DI girls: We've had our ups 
and downs but I know you will have my back 
no matter what. And thank you to everyone 
else who made it more fun! 2013 forever. 

Matthew Piccirillo 

Since I have spent the last 12 years with these 
kids. I'm going to start my senior's thanks off 
with my friends. I'll remember you guys 
forever #2013. To my friends Abe, Emma, 
Anthony. Sean, Marisa, Laura, Izzy, Jack, 
Hailey, Maria, Brittany, Shayne and Josh, 
thanks for making this year a memorable one. 
We had some good times hanging around with 
our grade, playing street hockey or even just 
talking about life. I also want to thank all the 
teachers who have helped me out along the 
way from kindergarten all the way to high 
school, especially Ms. Guisti. 1 probably 
wouldn't have graduated high school without 
her. She was always there when I needed help 
on anything. The final people I want to thank 
are my parents. They always tried to pomt me 
in the right direction. Kven though I didn't 
always listen to them, they always tried. 
Without them, I wouldn't be who I am tixlay. I 
also want to thank my brother and sister for 
leading the way for me and making mistakes 
lor nie to learn from. 

Maria Valbona 

Mom, dad, and Joey I can't thank you guys 
enough for all that you have done for me. 
Thank you so much for always supporting me 
and believing in me. I could never have 
accomplished anything without your love and 
support. To my girls, you know who you are. 
thank you guys so much for always being 
there for me. you all are more like sisters to 
me than friends. We all have had some 
amazing times together and 1 know we will 
have many more to come! And to the guys, 
you know who you are; you guys are the best 
friends 1 could ever ask for. You all are 
amazing friends and I love you all. To my 
teachers and coaches, thank you for teaching 
me and helping me succeed. I truly appreciate 
everything you all have done for me.To the 
class of 2013, I want to thank all of you for 
being the best classmates I could ever ask for. 
I know you will all do big things! Love you 

McKenna Petri 

I honestly can't believe it's time for the Class 
of 2013 to graduate. It always seemed so far 
away, but now it's lime to lake on the real 
world. 1 want to first lhank my big family for 
their constant support. Mom. Dad. Kim and 
Scott, you have all taught me so many things 
about self-respect, keeping a pi)sitivc altitude 
and how to trcal people around me. These arc 
all big pans of who I am today To my step- 
siblings. John. Katie and Thomas, I have really 
enjoyed having you in my family, growing up 
and learning with you guys. I especially want 
to thank my sister. Sam. You ha%c been my 
life-long best friend and an ama/ing sister. I 
also want to thank all my cheer coaches and 
teammates for believing in me and always 
having my back To all my friends, extended 
family and everyone in my life. I never could 
have made it this far without any of you. 
Thank you Class of 2013 for the best limes 

Melina Morris 

BF: Despite gaining some pounds, I've also 
gained friends and memories that I will cherish 
forever. HAILEY: Sitting in class in eighth 
grade and soon enough we became best 
friends. Whether traveling the world or just 
getting by day to day together, I've had the 
time of my life with you. I don't know how it 
gets better than this, but I can't wait to find 
out. MICHELE: Ever since meeting each other 
while swimming in that pool, we've tread 
through the crazy waters of life together, and 1 
couldn't have asked for a better friend by my 
side. ASIMINA: Thank you for being a 
witness to my best and worst and still loving 
me anyway. DAD: Thank you for always 
nourishing me with the best food & advice. 
MOM: Without your unconditional love and 
constant support, I never would have made it 
through these significant past four years. 
You've guided me into becoming a strong, 
independent, happy and ambitious young lady 
and 1 will never be able to thank you enough, I 
love you. 

Michael Falzone 

First off, 1 want to thank my parents. You guys 
have been awesome, and a huge help through 
out my life. You showed me the finer things in 
life, you taught me how to live. Nick- thanks 
for everything man, don't know what I 
would've done without you. Katie- thanks for 
being like a second mom; I'm lucky to have 
you as a sister. To all my friends, thanks for 
making high school such an experience. It's 
been real. 

Melinda Coady 

Bedford High School has done a lot for me in 
the past four years. I have matured and grown 
into a whole new person. My experience here 
wouldn't have been the same without sharing 
it with some of the most amazing people I 
know. My friend Holly DeHart has had a huge 
infiuence on my life. She is one of my best 
friends and no matter where life brings us, I 
will always think of her as a fun and amazing 
friend. My friend McKenna Petri has also 
changed my life. When I met her in fourth 
grade, we instantly became friends. She has 
always been there for me and I know she 
always will be. She is reliable and just all 
around awesome! I also want to thank my 
sister Diana Coady. She is a huge part of my 
life, and I don't think I would be where 1 am 
today, without her. She is so important to me 
and she is one of my best friends. Thank you 

Michael Marshall 

As I made my way through high school, I had 
many different mentors and helpers who 
guided me on my » ay through any problems I 
faced and helped me find success in many 
different situations. The first two people I 
would like to thank are my parents for always 
being there to support me and guide me 
whenever needed. I'm also thankful for all my 
friends who helped me on my way through 
school and outside of school. Starting with 
three of my best friends John. Abe, and Eric, 
you were always there for me in any situation 1 
faced whether good or bad. I would also like 
to thank Eric's father, Dan, for teaching me 
many different things that I use almost every 
day of my life. I'm also thankful for Sgt. 
Wardwell for giving me guidance and 
inspiration to help others. My teammates were 
also always there to support me. I'm also 
thankful for Captain Carson and Chief Edris 
for helping me with my future career choices. 

Melissa Landman 

"It matters not what someone is bom, but what 
they grow to be." -JK Rowling 
In these past four years of high school, I have 
grown to a tremendous height with the 
constant encouragement of my family and 
friends. Family, thank you for instilling in me 
the values of hard work and motivation. Thank 
you to my DI team — you are basically my 
second family. There are no words that can 
fully describe how much you all mean to me 
and how grateful I am for the crazy times we 
have shared together in Knoxville and Alex's 
basement. Hannah, meeting in the sandbox at 
daycare cemented our friendship from day 
one. Thank you for being a truly amazing best 
friend. You can run. you can hide, but you 
can't escape our friendship! Tennis team, 
thanks for being awesome teammates. Playing 
tennis with you guys has made mc fall in love 
with this sport. Lastly, thank you to all of my 
friends and classmates, who have made my 
high school experience a memorable one. 

Michele Daley 

In the past four years of high school I have 
made so many memories that w ill stay with me 
forever. To my parents, thank you for always 
pushing me to do my best. You guys have 
given me all the love and suppon a kid could 
ever ask for, and for that I am truly grateful. 
Robert, I have always looked up to you and 
will continue to as I move onto this next 
chapter of my life. Thank you for always 
taking care of me, and looking after me since 
we were little. To my friends, you have made 
my high school experience so fun and 
memorable, and you know I love you guys so 
much! Thank you to my grandparents and the 
Collins family. Kaitlyn and Megan. I love my 
two sisters more than anything, you both have 
made my life better than I could have ever 
imagined. Without all of you I would not be 
the person I am today so thank you from the 
bottom of my heart. 

Micah Ezekiel 

BHS has been a great place to go to school. 
Having started in Bedford Public Schools in 
ninth grade, I was thankful for the kindness 
everyone showed when I was one of the new 
kids to Bedford. I am so glad I had the 
opportunity to become friends with so many 
classmates in just a few short years. Although 
I have lived in Bedford my entire life, I never 
realized just what a great town this is until I 
went to BHS, I want to thank the class of 2013 
for showing me that. 

Miranda Keane 

Having grown up in Bedford my whole life, I 
have old friends from daycare, preschool, and 
new ones from high school. I have so many 
great memories with all of you. I will always 
remember the memorable trips, like to 
Washington D.C., and the different concerts 
and performances we went to. But I will also 
remember the little things like our codenames, 
crazy dance videos and inside jokes. We made 
the best of every opportunity, like turning the 
daunting history fair project into several fun 
trips into Boston, Along with my friends, my 
family has been very supportive of me. 
especially with ballet. Thanks for silting 
through all of the car rides, auditions, and 
extra rehearsals. Aisling you can always make 
me laugh, and Rose you are very creative and 
secretly hilarious. Mom and Dad, thanks for 
being so supportive and encouraging. I want to 
thank everyone that has made me laugh and 
made growing up in Bedford a great 

Molly McCarthy 

High school certainly has been a journey. It 
was rough at times, but thanks to a few special 
people, it was all worthwhile. Moin: you know 
me better than anyone else and you have 
always, always been there for me. You have 
gotten me through all the hard times, and have 
been right there beside me for all the good 
ones loo. Thank you for being my best friend. 
Dad: thank you for constantly surprising me 
with your humor. We understand each other in 
a way that I don't think anyone else ever will. 
Dan: thank you for always making me laugh - 
your strange humor has a way of brightening 
up even the worst day. We don't always gel 
along, but at the end of the day you are the 
best big brother a girl could ask for. To my 
friends: you guys are the best. I couldn't have 
picked better people to hang around with. And 
to my oldest, dearest friends Robyn, Shauna, 
Lori, and Miranda, we will always be the 
fabulous five. 

Nicole Pariseau 

Mom, Dad, Rob, Bailey & my Grandparents - 
Thank you for all the support you've given me 
the past few years. I really am thankful for you 
guys pushing me to be my best. Even though 
we've had our issues, I love you guys and 
appreciate everything you've done. To my 
friends- We've had an interesting and memory 
filled four years here at BHS. Although we 
won't see each other as much as we do now, 
I'll always remember the adventures we had. 
Thanks for being the silliest group of people 
I've ever met. I love you guys. To Mrs. Ford 
& the Guidance Staff- As we all know, 
guidance is my favorite place to be. Thank you 
for always being there to answer my never 
ending amount of questions, and helping me 
through some tough times. I really do have 
you to thank for my success, RS, 

Paige Crockett 

Mom- You've always known what was best 
for me and believed in me from the beginning. 
Dad- You always pushed me to do my best at 
everything and supported me through it all. 
Stcphanie-You've always been an inspiration 
to me and taught me so much. Thank you for 
always being there, even through all our ups 
and downs. I could always count on you. 
Kaykay-You've always been there for me and 
you always know how to make me laugh. 
Smgts. Jamie- You're my bestie since forever 
and you've always been there for me through 
the good times and the bad. You know me 
belter than I know myself. To all my 
friends(you know who you are) - Thank you 
for always being there for me and giving me 
so many fun memorable moments. You all 
have been a big part of my life and made these 
last 4 years filled with memories. I love you all 
so much. "It's just the beginning, it's not the 
end, we've only just begun". 

Peter Manning 

High school was an incredible four years filled 
with memories. These memories are what we 
carry with us through college, and our adult 
life. I want to thank all the students, teachers, 
friends, and family who gave me memories to 
be proud of. I want to thank my closest friends 
in particular, no mailer how far we are 
separated I promise we will always slay in 
touch, I will look back and remember the 
friendships I made, and all the crazy things we 
did. For all the Freshman, Sophomores, and 
Juniors looking at this, these are the final years 
to be with your best friends, make them count, 
live them in a way you'll never forget. Life is 
loo short to live with regrets, go out there and 
make memories that will last a lifetime. Go 

OIek Pisera 

I'd like to thank my teachers. Their 
commitments to their profession and their 
efforts to teach life lessons and spread what 
they've learned have both been a catalyst to 
growth. I would not be where I am today if 1 
hadn't had teachers willing to sacrifice time to 
answer questions and provide insights. I'd like 
to thank my family for their support and 
efforts all throughout my years at the Bedford 
schools. Thanks to my sisters, Hania and 
Marta, who were always there for me in one 
way or another. Thanks to my parents, because 
without their constant encouragement and 
often scolding, I would not have learned as 
much as I did. Lastly, thanks to all of my 
friends and my peers. To everyone that I have 
met and spent time with in the thirteen years in 
the schools, every experience has been a 
pleasure. All the conversations, friendly hellos 
and heartfelt moments have become a part of 
me I will never forget. As we move forward, I 
will always remember you all. 

Rachel Aldorisio 

1 can't believe thai my four years here are 
already over. I have had so many good and 
bad times in these halls, thank you to all my 
friends who were there for me & helped gel 
through the rough times. Thank you to my 
mom for supporting me, listening to all my 
drama, and being my #1 fan. Thank you Dad 
for being my best friend and idol since day 
one. Thank you to my sister who is always 
there for me and no matter what makes me feel 
like I'm a superstar. Thank you to my 
boyfriend Chris Towne for being my rock, 
always there for me, pushing me through to 
succeed even when I wanted to quit, and most 
of all for being my best friend. Thank you to 
captain and chief, I couldn't have made it 
through high school » ilhout you two. "No one 
bleeds no one dies." Thank you for being a 
second family to me and helping me through 
everything. I love you all. 
Congrats 2013 we made it! 

Olivia Jameson 

Mum- thank you lor always being there for 
me, for helping me through my crazy 
schedule, driving me to 5 am practices, 
making me dinner, everything. I can'l even 
begin to list how many things you have done 
for me, but I appreciate every single one. Dad- 
thanks for making me laugh, being my coach, 
and leaching me what true pump-up music is. 
Thank you for always being there to kill 
spiders and clean out the shower drain, you are 
the hardiest guy I know. Brooke- thank you 
for always making me laugh, you're the 
biggest goober I know, but I love you so much 
and I don't know what I'll do without you. 
Swim Team and Friends- thanks for making 
the good times great! You guys made high 
school fun and helped me through everything, 
thanks for being there. I couldn't have done it 
without you! Congrats 2UI3. we made it! 

Robert Bridgeman 

The past four years has been filled with joys 
and straggles, gixx) limes and bad, and I 
would like to thank every one that was a pan of 
it for making these the best four years of my 
life. First off 1 would like to thank m> family 
for all their support. Thank you Mom and Dad, 
You have given me so much and I hope that 
one day I can pass that on as you have taught 
me. To my brothers Chns and Matt, thank you 
for always being then; dunng the tough times, 
and always having my back. Ne\l I want to 
thank all of my friends and teammates. You 
guys have been my second family and w ithout 
you school would not have been the 
experience it was. Lastly I would like to thank 
the class of 201 3. Some of you have been » ilh 
me since kindergarten, and others ha\e come 
along the way. Either way you have all 
contributed lo a class that I am proud to he a 
part of. Thank you. 


Robert Klein 

I would like to start out by thanking my 
parents. They have raised and loved me since 
day one. and continue to be there for me and 
encourage me whenever I need them. I love 
you both and would not be half the person I 
am today without you both. I would also like 
10 thank all my friends, teachers, and coaches 
who have supported me and helped me 
develop athletically, academically, and most of 
all as a person. Finally I would like to thank 
Leah for all her support, and helping me adjust 
to BHS as a new senior. Advice to next year's 
seniors and all the seniors to come: enjoy the 
little things, one day you'll look back on them 
and realize they're the big things. Everyone 
who knows me knows I love quotes, so here 
are a few of my favorites: 
"Life passes most people by while they're 
making grand plans for it" 
"Good is the enemy of great" 
LABVH NE/ISL Champs 201 1-2012 

Robyn Stanley 

First off I would like to thank my family, 
especially my parents. They have supported 
me throughout my entire life in both school 
and sports and have provided me with amazing 
opportunities. Thank you to all of the teachers 
I have had during the past four years. All of 
the faculty members are helpful, intelligent 
and passionate about leaching, which has 
resulted in both educational and entertaining 
classes. To my cross country and softball 
coaches as well as teammates, thanks for 
encouraging me to perform to the best of my 
ability. Lastly, thanks to my best friends 
Molly, Miranda, Lori and Shauna with whom I 
have shared so many good memories with in 
the past four years. High school has been an 
amazing journey and 1 am looking forward to 
building on the experiences of the past four 
years by pursuing my interests in college. 

Ryan Cobb 

First I would like to thank my mom for 
everything throughout my high school years, 
both in and out of school. You are always 
there for me no matter the situation and I love 
you more than anything. I would also like to 
thank my friends for making my high school 
experience as fun as it could be. I want to give 
a special thanks to my closer friends including 
Little Micheal. Big Black, Bruno, JD, The 
blasian, Stephen, and last and definitely least 
Big Bugging Bee. Lastly I would like to thank 
Ryan who has been at my side since birth and 
will always be another brother to me. 
Favorite Quote: "It's not abt>ut how hard you 
can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit 
and keep moving forward..." <Rocky Balboa) 

Samantha Luyet 

There are pros and cons to every situation; 
high school has been tough, but special people 
have helped me through. Mom&Dad - thank 
you for being there for me no matter what, 
even when I make a mistake. Bran - thank youi 
for coming to me for advice; I love that youi 
value my opinion. EM.HE.JG.TD,TG,TR,VC 
- 1 wouldn't have been able to do it without all 
of you. EM.HE,JG,VC - You four are the 
reason I go to school every single day. TD 
We've had our falling outs, but you've always- 
been there for me when I needed you. TG 
I'm glad that we're always helping each othei 
and I hope we remain that way for the rest ol 
our lives. TR - I don't know what I would'v* 
done without you and your loving heart; thanl 
you for everything you've helped me throug 
this year, I'm lucky to have met you. Thanl 
you to each and every one of you. 

Samantha Marchesini 

Samantha Plumley 

Samantha Robertson 

Samuel Bemardon 

Wow, these four years have gone by so fast 
and I've learned so much and met so many 
people in this short time. Those weird 
friendships are what kept me sane and 
sometimes drove me insane during these past 
years. 1 also probably wouldn't have gotten as 
much homework done if my parents hadn't 
stayed on my back and kicked my butt into 
gear! (You know I love you guys!) I loved 
being a part of the Bedford Buccaneers Field 
Hockey Team: playing Field Hockey (or 
Fockey as we fondly called it) was one of my 
most favorite things about High School as I've 
been playing since 6th grade! To my Fockey 
Teammates, thanks for making this last year a 
blast! To my friends, thanks for putting up 
with my weirdness and accepting me for who 1 
am, and introducing me to new and awesome 
things! To my Family, thanks for keeping me 
motivated and making me work hard, even 
when I wanted to give up. Goodbye and Good 
Luck 2013!! 

I would like to thank my girls- you guys are 
my high school memories. Thanks for all the 
good times, I'm going to miss you all. Leanna, 
you're stuck with me. Best cousins forever. 

There's way too much I have to say. I would, 
first off, like to thank my family for supporting 
me through my life and school career even 
when I pushed them away so much. Thank 
you so much for not giving up on me 
(completely). I would like to thank Mr. Maffa 
and Mr. Felker for helping me discover my 
passion for music and helping me pursue it. I 
would also like to thank my friends for. well, 
being my friends despite how weird, loud, 
foul-mouthed and socially awkward I am. I 
love you guys! And a big thank-you to all of 
my teachers for sticking with me and helping 
me through my less-than-stellar time in school. 
I'll never forget these past 4 years. Thank you. 

Thanks to Mama and Papa for everything 
Thanks to Jack for being a great brother, eve 
though half the time I want to beat you 
Thanks to Ryan, Jacob, Craig. Dietz. Joey 
David. Olek. Zoe. Hannah, and Laul for beii 
great friends. We've had so much fun and i 
many great memories. Thanks to Natalie 
You've made the last two years of high scho 
so wonderful. Thanks to the Burkes. You guyi 
are like my second family. Thanks to all mj 
teachers, mainly Sundo, Donnelly, Mr 
McGowan. Mrs. Faulkner, and Mrs. Leshay 
for making class fun and dealing with my 
annoyingness. Thanks to Coach John Geilfua 
lU, for being a great tennis coach and a grea 

Samuel Markuse 

"You are only young once, but you can stay 
immature indefinitely." -Ogden Nash. As my 
time at BHS ends there are many people in my 
life that deserve a thankin'. Dad. you're the 
funniest, most gracious, loving, man I know. 
You will always be my role model and I truly 
hope I grow up to be just like you (minus the 
"stylish outfits"). Mom. words cannot describe 
the love and appreciation I have for the things 
you do. I don't have enough words to begin 
the explanation of why I owe so much of my 
success to you. HB. may the legacy of Poo and 
Irish Springs live on for ages, you're my boy 
blue, and I know you always got my touchas. 
Jared. Jayson, Joe, Dietz you guys are family. 
I love you all so much and I know you'll 
ALWAYS be there. If these years have taught 
me anything it's if you slay stuck in the past 
you won't have time to prepare for the future. 
To 2013: may our lives continue to be shaken 
by impetuous moments, good fortune, and 
common pleasures. 

Samuel List 

I would like to thank my mom and my dad, who 
helped mc learn to succeed and have put up 
with me for all these years. They have taken me 
to my many various after school activities, 
waking up at 4:30 for morning practice, driving 
hours on end to take me to swim meets and 
robotic competitions. Without their help and 
support, none of who I am would be possible. I 
would like to thank my siblings who without 
fail have made my life terrible and amazing. 
Ben. my older brother, managed to annoy me to 
no end while also teaching me valuable lessons. 
Laura, my younger sister; we have had our 
bitter fights and yelling matches, but in the end 
we have always been there for each other when 
it was needed. 1 would also like to thank my 
friends, who endured through my less than 
normal past times to my more eccentric ideas. 
Without any of these people, I would have been 
a far different person than I am now. I say 
Thank You; you'll always have a place in my 
heart and my mind. 

Sara Weaver 

First of all, I want to thank my mom and my 
sisters for my foundation of memories and for 
all the laughs we've had together. I also want 
to thank all my friends, especially my closest 
friends, for being extremely supportive and 
staying by my side in all situations. I want to 
give a huge thank you to Voce Feminina and 
Ms. Pritchett for convincing me to step outside 
of my boundaries, and showing me a side of 
myself that I never realized was there. I 
especially want to thank all of my high school 
teachers for bringing humor and fun-filled 
energy to every class and for giving me the 
most amazing high school experience ever! 

Sarah Cowles 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for always being 
there for me and for pushing me to be the best 
I can be. No words can express the love and 
thanks I have for you. Kevin and Chris: You 
don't get to pick your family, so I am glad I 
ended up with the two of you. Thank you for 
always being there for me. Love you guys! 
Soccer Girls: From ridiculous spirit days, to 
pasta dinners, to actually playing soccer, thank 
you for the many years of good times together. 
Tennis Girls: Stale champions 2012! Thanks 
for all the memories thai will last a lifetime. 
Madrigals. Bellachords and Musical Casts: We 
had the time of our lives up on that stage. 
TTiank you for the amazing music we created 
together. To all my friends: Thank you for 
these past 18 years filled with so much fun and 
laughter. Congratulations class of 2013! 

Scout Pierce 

I would like to thank all those who had an 
impact on my life, the people who supported 
me and challenged me to do my best and who 
put up with me when I wasn't the happiest of 
people. Thanks for looking out for me and 
making my high school experience an 
experience. I wouldn't be who I am without 
you; Family, Friends, Teammates, Coaches, 
and BHS staff. Thank you. 

Sean Isnor 

Transferring to Bedford high school 
sophomore year was by far the most 
outrageous experience I have ever gone 
through. Literally had the time of my life. To 
the hockey team, so many laughs. Shout out to 
Spazz, Pic. Abe. Bryson, Shayne, Izzy, Lou, 
Em, Ris. H, J. Brit, K.p, M.v. and Alaina 
Marlines. From Bruins games, to football 
games, from beach trips, to bon fires. I love 
you all. Thanks to mom. dad, Kyle, Ryan and 
Emily for supporting me, day in and day out, I 
appreciate it. We are 2013 for life. Lets go 

Sevan Dulgarian 

These past four years have been an incredible 
experience for me. Though they were anything 
but easy, I have learned and grown so much 
and I am very grateful for all the amazing 
opportunities that attending this school has 
opened up for me and for all the incredible 
people I met through my experiences here. 
First and foremost I would like to thank my 
mom. my dad, my wonderful little sister, and 
my very loyal cat for always standing by mc in 
all my endeavors and encouraging me to 
always follow my heart and never be afraid to 
try something new. I also would like to thank 
all of my friends and all of the incredible 
teachers I have had the privilege of having 
these past four years. I have learned so much 
from each and every one of you. 1 guess being 
a magnet for four-leaf clovers must actually 
pay off in the end because 1 feel very lucky to 
have such a wonderful high schixil expencnce. 
"Work hard, be positive" and "live life to the 
fullest". Thank you and I love you all. 

Sharon Park 

Mom&Dad- Thank you so much for 
supporting me in all I do. You always push me 
to be the best I can be. I love you guys. 
Dan- Even though you live in New York and 
we don't see each other that often, we arc 
still there for each other and when we do see 
each other, we make the best of it. Thank you 
for being an amazing brother. 
John- Words can't explain how much I am 
grateful for you. You arc always there for me 
when I go through such hard times. You 
always keep mc sane, and always gi\c me the 
best advice. I love you so much and thanks for 
being an amazing brother and someone 1 can 
always look up to. 

Shauna Dresel 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you have 
done for me throughout these years. Without 
all of your support, encouragement, advice, 
and love, 1 would not have made it this far. 
Thanks Stephen for always being someone I 
can trust and for always cheering me up when 
I am down. Thanks to all of my friends who 
hax e been there for me. We have had so many 
memories and laughs, and 1 w ill miss you all 
so much! And thanks to all of the teachers who 
have challenged me, and showed me that I can 
achieve whatever I set my mind to. You all 
have inspired me to be the best person that I 
can be. Congrats, class of 2013 - we did ill 

Shaleyah Lewis 

Someone should document what I'm 
becoming. I swear, watch what I'll do with 
my education! Especially you. Ms. Sav. if 
whenever you think of me you wish of me 
some time and time ALONE! And no worries, 
I'll be going global soon so you'll be hearing of 
me often. Although I have so much to be 
thankful for in this little town of Bedford, my 
story of gratitude begins with the METCO 
system. My. do I owe you tons. Some special 
kisses to Mr. M, Jackie Barmashi, Ms. Harris, 
my METCO ladies, the fabulous Mrs. Santos, 
Mrs. Bamett, for giving me a second chance. I 
also want to thank my mother for being my 
personal clock and my METCO director. 
When you think of me. I would hope you think 
of my poker face and nothing less. 
-Adios amigos, your living legend, Leyah. 

Shaquana Deas 

First I d like to thank the people most close to 
me: my family. Especially my mother, she 
kept me on my toes and only wanted the best 
for me. She never gave up because she wanted 
me to make something of myself. My family 
was the ones that kept pushing me and were 
determined for me to achieve nothing but 
greamess. In sch(X)l I'd like to thank my 
guidance counselor Ms. Janel Halupowski for 
believing in me as well as her guidance, 
strength, and will to push me further. I'd like 
to thank the METCO program for existing and 
giving me a chance to learn, and meet new 
people. I'd lastly like to thank all of my friends 
for being there for me since freshman year. 
2013 is the best, and I'll miss you all dearly. 
- Shay Deas - 

Stephanie loff redo 

Narrowing these 4 years down to 175 words is 
beyond challenging. The thousands of laughs, 
tears, and ridiculous memories have made 
these 4 years fly by. To my brother Nick, 
thank you for motivating me and teaching me 
so much along the way. To my Mom & Dad. 
thank you for every thing you have done and 
supporting me through all the amazing and 
terrible decisions I have made. To Nicole, no 
matter what dumb things we went through 
(Nana's house and back), we always find a 
way to laugh it out. I LOVE you bug <3. To 
RS, you know who you are & no matter what 
we're doing, it's always a blast. I wouldn't be 
even close to where I am toda> without any of 
my friends. To evervone else, no matter where 
you end up. it's never good bye. it's see you 
later. Love always <3. your girl 

Suk Woon Lee 

I just w ant to take this opportunity to thank 
mom and dad. Thank you for being there for 
me all the way. always wanting to help, 
always being my foundation. I know I 
sometimes find your constant interest in 
everything I do annoying but I know it's 
because you care. Thank you for all your love 
and evervthing you've done to make my high 
school journey as smooth as possible. Mike, 
you said I was the best brother anyone could 
have in your senior thanks, and the feeling's 
mutual. Mike, you've been try ing to help me 
every step of the way. using your successes 
and failures to guide me to do better than you 
could have done. You tnily are the definition of 
a loving brother and I thank God above that 
we were bom into the same family. Lastly, to 
my friends, thanks for making high school life 
bearable and fun. Definitely couldn't have 
done it without you guys! Once again, thanks 
for everything. 

Shayne Gagnon 

Thank you. Mrs Giusti. for your help in school 
and for all the life skills I have learned from 
you. You have made me who I am today. 
Thank you. Ms. K, for helping the last two 
years in school: it's been fun. Thank you. all 
my teachers from preschool to senior year. 
Thank you. Ma and Dad, for all your support 
and keeping me in line. To my fellow Bucs 
and Bucs alumni, thanks for the good times. 
Bedrock it's been real. 

Sheldon Maloney 

Mom and Dad. thank you for being there fo 
me. but more importantly, thank you fo 
always believing in me. Without your love anc 
support. I don't think I would have made i 
this far. I really appreciate all you have dom 
for me.. .love you both. Lyss. you have been ; 
pain at times, but you really are a great sister 
Growing up without you would have beei 
very boring. ya sis. Mrs. Giusti. yoi 
kept me in line and helped me a lot throughou 
the years. I never thought I would make it ti 
senior year and you played a big pan in gettin; 
me here... Thank You! To my friends-thank 
for all the good times, and great weekem 
rides, if it were not for you guys my days ani 
weekend would not have been th^ 
same ... looking forward to more good time 
this summer. I have grown a lot these past fou 
years and realize that life is not about card 
that you have been dealt but how you chooS' 
to use those cards. 

Termara Parker 

I would first like to thank my friends for thei' 
support throughout my years at Bedford, 
learned a lot through the experiences I hat 
w ith the people I have known my entire life, a- 
well as the new ones I acquired during m; 
latter years here. I would also like to thank m> 
teachers, who have guided me to the right patl 
of success. I believe I have grown up so muct 
because of the knowledge they all havi 
brought to me. I give a special shout out to tht 
field hockey team. I cannot imagine my hig( 
school career without you girls. I learned st 
much about each of you as w ell as the sport o 
field hockey. You are like an extended family 
and I will miss each of you greatly. 

Tia McKinney-Burgess 

First I would just like to thank God for all he 
has done for me and my family and allowing 
me success thus far. I would also like to thank 
my mother, Tammie Mckinney-Sledge, who 
has been my rock since day one. I love you 
with all my heart, mommy! I would also like 
to thank my pops. Bobby Sledge, for being a 
great father and supporting me over the years. 
I love you! Lastly, I would like to thank my 
family and all the teachers I have ever had for 
their undivided attention and support. I love 
you all dearly. One love. 
Love, Princess Tia 

Zachary Otte 

I would like to thank my parents for always 
telling me to keep trying and pushing myself. 
My mom has always been there for me and is 
one person whom I can tell anything. My dad 
has been gone most of iny school life but he is 
my buddy. I love you dad, thank you for your 
service! I would also like to thank Aubrey 
Adams and Zac Mclllice for helping me 
through the hardest times in life and being my 
consistent motivation. Coach Mendoza, you 
coached me to two varsity track letters and 
always told me "to be the best and stay there, 
sweat and tears are required." Thanks Coach. 
Lastly Mr. Boschetto, Coach, when I thought 
that I could not make it or go any further, you 
always said to nic "Zach, keep pushing." In 
Law, you taught me how to make good points 
and you have strongly influenced my career of 
choice. I love you all! Never forget Class of 

Tung Nguyen 

First and foremost, I want to thank my parents 
for supporting me through high school. 
Seriously, they've been the best parents I 
could ever have asked for. I could've been 
more diligent about cleaning the or 
washing the dishes or mowing the lawn, and 
all the times 1 didn't hold up my end, they'd 
do it without second thought. I am also 
indebted to my high school counselor, Ms. 
Lohrum, who made sure I'd be successful, and 
my teachers, who showed me ways I can 
choose to lead my life. And lastly I want to 
thank both my outstanding mentors and my 
good friends, since we owe each other 
countless debts left unsettled, but it's okay: I 
hope we'll see each other after school. 

Zoe Kipp 

To my amazing parents, super cool brothers, and 

diverse and evolving range of awesome friends... 
y'all rock and made me who I am, so seriously 
thank you. Special shout out to my Balsam girls 
and my dog Mocha for always being there to 
laugh, cry and every weird thing in between. 
Lessons lived are lessons learned, so party on 
party people and much love to you and this truly 
wonderful journey. 

Victoria Albert 

Thank you to my parents, for your endless 
love and guidance. Without your support I 
could not have become the person I am today, 
and I appreciate everything you have done for 
me over the years. Thank you to the BHS 
volleyball team- you girls are more than 
teammates to me; you are my second family. 
From long passing practices to fifth-game 
comebacks, 1 have enjoyed every moment 
playing with you. You inspire me to be a 
better person, and to always give 100% both 
on and off the court. Thank you to my friends, 
who have made my four years at BHS 
absolutely unforgettable. Together, we made it 
through the good and the bad, and 1 will never 
forget the memories we made during Monday 
afternoon mall trips and late night fro-yo runs. 
Growing up alongside you has been an honor, 
and 1 can't wait to see the amazing people you 
will become in college. I love you all, and 1 
will always remember the time we've shared. 

Benjamin Kaplan 

Mom and Dad. I don't know where I would be 
without the two of you. You guys have pushed 
me to strive to not only to do well in school, 
but also to do good lor my community. Avery, 
we might not always get along, but 1 know that 
we will always love each other. Patty, Jason. 
Joe, PJ, OJ, Megs, Gigs, Matt. Dotty, and 
everyone else on the Swim Team, it's been 
great. Ms. Marlell, Ms. Button, Eliza, Tung, 
and Austin, without your hard work 20 1.' 
wouldn't be where it is ttKlay. To the teachers 
that have engaged me. inspired me. surprised 
me, and excited me, thank you. You taught me 
to love learning, think critically, and question 
everything. To the teachers that bored me, 
cajoled me, woke me up, and gave nte busy 
work, thank \ou e\en more. You taught me 
perseverance, character, sell-control, and thai 
on the road to success there will be pain. 20 1.'. 
you are the greatest class to walk the halls of 
BHS. It's been real. 

Wade Hetland 

I have come lar and learned a lot smce high 
school began. 1 would like to begin by 
thanking my parents, teachers, and friends for 
supporting me. 1 would like to thank the entire 
English Department, especially Mr. Niven, for 
being the best and most entertaining teachers 
in the entire school. Specifically though, I 
want to thank, my friend, Ashley Sarra for 
being an incredible motivation, both in and out 
of school, and or leaching me how to truly 
write. "Vivam Sine Onere" (I shall live 
without burden) 

Leanna Silvestrone 

Mom and Dad- thank you so much for all of 
your support; keeping track of my busy 
schedule, shuffling me around to and from 
every activity, and making sure I don't go 
crazy in between. I don't say it enough, but I 
appreciate it so much. Julia- you're the 
goofiest giHiber a sister could ask for. thanks 
for always making things fun My fabulous 
friends- I'll never forget all the mall tnps. 
snarky FacebiHik messages. .-Vudrvy movie 
nights, island dancing, regular dancing. 
chiKolate-covered almond sharing, and 
witchcraft in the woods with Tituba. Thanks 
so much for all of these great memories, and 
for the tons more to come this year 

Alexandra Jarvis 

"We keep moving lorward, opeiuni; new 
doors, and doing new things, because we're 
curious and curiosity keeps leading us down 
new paths." - Wall Disney 
First, thank you to my parent.s for guiding me 
through life, teaching me right from wrong, 
and helping me learn from my mistakes. I love 
you both more than you know . To my brother. 
Hunter, for laughing with me & always being 
able to cheer me up. Also, for putting up with 
my weirdness and giving me a hug when I 
need it. Love ya bro. I'm so proud of who 
you've become. To the groovys. Maria, Shea, 
Char & Sav, thanks for helping me make some 
of the strangest/funniest memories of my life. 
You make me crazy but I love you anyway. 
Lu, brothers for life since day one with a 
basket of yams. To Samuel G-E. for being my 
acquaintance/partner in crime. To my gucci 
Jillian, for always putting me in a good mood 
& for putting up with me when I go crazy. 
Love you all. Congrats 2013! 

Kristina Washer 

Wow, time does fly when you're having fun! 
Twenty... THIRTEEN! 

Teachers: Thank you for supporting me every 
step of the way and helping me become a 
passionate student, musician, and artist. Mr. 
Griffin: Thank you for putting up » ith Hannah 
and me for the past four years and for creating 
my passion for our Earth. To my many friends 
and marching band nerds (my favorite kind of 
nerd)- I love you all. I cherish every memory 
and the many laughs we've shared. Hannah: 
From the rainforests of Belize to the trails at 
Great Meadows, we've walked far in life 
together and you have had an everlasting 
impact on me- thank you. Mom, Dad. Nana. 
Grandpa. James, and Alex: Thank you lor the 
never-ending love, support, and faith through 
good and bad times. I love you all so much- 
thank you for giving me everything and more. 
Thank you God for my incredible life. 'Give 
thanks to the Lord, who is good, and whose 
love endures forever." Psalm 106. 

Justine Molloy 

I can't believe we're already graduating! Time 
has really flown by and I'm so excited to move 
on and start a new journey in college. There 
are a lot of things that I am going to miss 
about high school and all the experiences I've 
had living here. First of all, I want to thank my 
whole family for all of their wonderful support 
throughout my life and high school 
experience. You guys are great! I also want to 
thank some teachers that have made my 
experience here a little easier. Ms. Cassie 
Dresser, you are probably the best teacher and 
person I've ever met. No matter what, you 
were there for me and anyone else who needed 
help. You are fab! I'd also like to thank Senor 
Mejia for making me really love Spanish, and 
want to continue taking it in college. Lastly, I 
would like to thank my friends for making 
these years that much better! NE - KH - PM - 
KM love you all! Good luck BHS 201.3!!! 

Kathryn Higgins 

First of all. I d like to thank my mom and dad. 
You guys have been so patient with me 
through my high schixil years. I honestly 
couldn't have asked for anyone better to raise 
me. Thank you for every thing. Sarah- my little 
Ellen. 1 love you so much. I love that you're 
the only one who really understands my 
humor. You're my goofball. Thanks for 
putting up w ith me all this time. Justin- thanks 
for being the bestest buddy I've ever had. 
Thank you for always being there for me and 
for all the memories. Thanks for knowing how 
to cheer mc up no matter what. Thanks to my 
whole family, I love all of you guys Thanks to 
my friends too: KL, ML. AJ. PC. LC. AG.BI. 
EF. RS. EM and everyone else. 
Congrats 2013! 

KimbeHie Isnor 

It's insane where the time has gone This time 
next year, not only w ill I not see or speak lo 
half the people I do now. but I'm going to be 
in college and on my way to actually starling 
my life and that amazes me. After everything 
that has happened these past four years, good 
and bad, I don't think I will ever forget them 
or the people I spent them with. So thanks lo 
everyone who was a pan of it and everyone 
who helped me through the rough patches and 
smiled with me through the good ones. Special 
thanks to Ms. Dresser and Mr. Stief -I'm not 
sure if I would have made it through high 
school without you two. Also, thanks to my 
parents, brother and cousins for always 
believing in me and pushing me to be the best 
I can be in whatever I do. Lastly, thank you to 
the Parrcllas' who have been like a second 
family to me. I love vou guvs Good luck. 

Amy Singer 

Anne Greene 

Kyle Dietz 

Though I don't like to admit it. there's no way I 
would have made it through schixil without the 
help of everyone around me. First, I want to 
thank my parents for supporting and raising 
me for eighteen years, and though I know it 
hasn't been easy, I appreciate everything you 
both have sacrificed to give me the best life 
possible. I love you both and will do all 1 can 
to make you btith proud. Erin, though I don't 
say it enough, I'm very proud to call you my 
sister and so far, you have never stopped 
impressing me. Additionally. 1 want to thank 
the teachers, especially Mr. Hebert. lor helping 
me realize I had a lot to contribute and I had 
what it took to succeed academically. Finally . 
I want to thank all the friends that have stuck 
by me from day one. Knowing that there were 
people willing to help me is what got me 
through most bad limes in my life. 1 can't fit 
everything into 175 words, but thank you. 

Annika Nosal 

Benjamin Knicely 

Brian Egan 

Cali Ellis 


Cassandra Baker 

Craig Kelly 

Erin Mahoney 

Forrest Lacy Giovanni Callender 

Hassan El-Fakih Holly DeHart 

Jared Badia 

Jonathan Kline Joseph Linden 


Joshua Bryson Justin Kovacs Karlana Fronk Kaylan Merring Kelley Williams 

Mark Dunlea 

Madelyn Werth 

Matthew Hoben Michael Mahoney 

Nicholas Heitsch Pamela Weidman 

Ryan Foster 

Shea Kuhl 

Stephen Imsong 


Steven Oslan 

Tenneh Sillah Warren Fernandez- Zachary Mcillece 



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Adam Appelbaum 

Adam, You are a strong and independent person, 
^willing to work hard to achieve your goals. You are 
kind and considerate and always loving to your 
imily and friends. We can't wait to see you flourish 
even more in college and on your path wherever it 
might take you. We know you will do great things. 
You make us proud every day. 
We love you, Mom, Dad and David 

Kathryn Ann Higgins 

From your first crawl, to your first black diamond, to your first lime driving to your lirsi steps to college, we have always followed you in amazement. Thanks for making 
us laugh, for being such a great daughter, for being such a great sister! We are so proud of you! We love you so much! We'll miss you but we're so happy for you. Can't 
wait to see what the future has in store for you! Love you to the sky and back down to the ground. Daddy. Mama, and Sarah 


Shea Kuhl 

We are so proud of you! TocflipPfSbr day! Your 
mountain is waiting. 
Love you bunches, Momma & Papa 


Congratulations, Kyle 
We are so incredibly 
proud of who you are 
and what you have 
accomplished. You 
have a very bright 
future ahead of you, 
and we look forward to 
seeing where that road 
takes you. We know 
you will succeed in 
whatever you choose to 
do. We love you! 
Mom. Dad and Erin 

Hailey Millar 

So if you care to find me 
Look to the Western sky 
As someone told me lately 
Everyone deserves a chance to fly 
And if I'm flying solo 
At least I'm flying free 
I'm flying high, defying gravity 
Hailey, we are so proud of you and we know that you will 
continue to amaze us! 
Love, Mommy, Daddy. Evan & Casey 



We are so proud of you and the 
strong. Independent, caring and 
honorable man you have become. 

Keep on playing and working hard 
and you will realize your dreams. 

We will always be in the stands 
cheering you on! 

Love you always-Mom, Dad and Sam 



From crawling around trying to 
catch up with your brothers and 
sisters, to dubbing yourself as 
the Queen of Thinking, to 
dancing gracefully on stage and 
running with such agility, to 
always thinking of ways to help 
out those in any kind of need, to 
excelling in school and 
competing with Hallmark cards, 
you have delighted us! You are 
an inspiration to all you meet, 
young and old. We are so proud 
of the beautiful young woman 
you have become. ..positive, 
thoughtful, creative, patient, and 
athletic. ..and we know you will 
continue to love life with all of 
your heart and soul! Thank you 
for making the world a happy 

We love you!!! 
Mom & Dad 
-V Kristen, Jon, Haley and Bella 

Connor, We are so proud of you and 
have enjoyed watching you become the 
exceptional young man that you are. 
You have shown great compassion, 
respect and care to your family, friends 
and all those you meet. You continue to 
put the needs of others before yourself, a 
trait that is truly admirable. Continue to 
challenge yourself and know that your 
efforts will bring reward. Embrace each 
day, enjoy life! We look forward to 
where your next steps will take you. We 
love you and will be there for you 
always. ..Mom, Dad and Jordan 

Connor lli|^^ins 

Daniel, You are 
intelligent, focused 
and compassionate. 
We are so proud of 
you. We know that 
you will be successful 

in all that you do. 

The future wails! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Daniel Moore 

Daniel, you've worked so 
hard and done so well in 
high school, and I know 
you'll continue to do great 
in college. It's still hard to 
believe thai you're 
graduating, but I can't 
wait (o see where you go 
from here, and I know 
thai whatever it is will 
make you proud (o call 
you my brother. 
Love. Jacob 

Anne Bartkus 

As you encounter the rapids of life, 

keep paddling!! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Tommy & Dave 


i David 


You have always made 
us proud, David. 

We salute you! 

Mom, Dad & Adam 


We are so proud of you. 
It has been our pleasure] 
to watch you grow into 
the wonderful young 
man you are. 

Good luck with all you 
do in the future. 

Mom & Dad 

Kevin Leskouski 

What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are tiny matters 
compared to what lies within 
us. ~ Henry S. Haskins 

We love you and are so 
proud of you! 
Mom, Dad, Michael 
& Sparky 





Our journey with you these past 17 years has been 
amanng. Memories of trains, baseball cards, all 
things sports and of course cars, cars, cars! 
We are so proud to be the parents of an 


funny, intelligent and 
compassionate son. 
Your enthusiastic 

outlook on life and 
your desire to be an 
individual will lead 
the way to sut^cess 
" in your future. 

We look forward 
, to sharing the 
^ next chapter of 
your life and we will 
always be there for you. 


Keep smiling! 
We love you! 

Love, Mom and Dad 
and Tasha 

Matthew Ho 

Matthew: Ybuf transitions have been remarkable from superhero, 
brother, artist to graduate. Congratulations! We all know your future 
success is a certainty and your next transition will be remarkable also. 
Love, Papa, Mommy and Megan 


I am proud of your 
accomplishment of finishing 
high school. Continue 
striving for success! 

Love Always, Mommy 

Alton Barbehenn 

Act 1 has 
fun to 

We can't 
wait to see 
what comes 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations McKenna 

May sunshine and liappiness 
Surround you when you're far 
from home 

Be courageous and be brave 
And when you finally fly away 
I'll be hoping that I served you 

But whatever road you 

I'm right behind you, win or 

And in my heart you'll always 

stay forever young 


Mom, Dad, and Sam 

We are so proud of you and 
love you bunches!! 

From Preschool to College. 

We are so proud of you! 
Love. Mom & Dad 

Olivia Jameson 

You have brought such 
happiness into our lives 
every day. Embrace your 
passions, follow your 
heart, and believe in 
yourself. We are so proud 
of you and we love you! 


Mum, Dad, and Brooke 


_ Robby Klein 

!lbngratulations Robby!! We are so proud of you not only for what you have 
achieved, but more importantly, for who you are. Your kindness, sincerity, 
determination and sense of humor will help you fulfill your dreams. 
You are a terrific son, brother and friend. 
Lots of love always. Mom, Dad and Alison 

You have always made us so proud. As you 
graduate high school and begin the next chapter of 
your life, always know how loved you are and what 
a special place you hold in our hearts, 
xo. Mom. Dad, Olivia & Jake 


Allison. The years have passed 
quickly and it is hard to believe that 
the time has come tor you to 
graduate from High School. I will 
remember making that call to the 
Davis School to register you for 
Kindergarten. You have 
accomplished so much since then 
and we are so proud of you and the 
young woman you have become. We 
all love you so much and wish you 
the very best for whatever the future 
holds for you. Follow your dreams, 
listen to your heart and remember 
we will always be here for you. 

Love you always. 
Dad, Mom. Caroline and Josh 

You make us happy every day...and that is a blessing for 
which we will always be grateful. You made us a family and 
continue to amaze us with your thoughtfulness and faith. 
Your inner strength and determination will take you to 
great places in your life. We are all so very proud of you! 

VVith all of our love and support, 
fcom, Dad. Mary and Nicholas 


Congratulations Aubrey!! 

All growth comes 
through challenge 

Strength is shown by 
embracing new 

Never settle Bobby 

Ohana means family, 
family means nobody 
gets left behind, 
or forgotten. 

We love you!! 
- Mom, Dad, Taylor, 
Dallin, Linzey and Hobbes 

Alisa Natalia Granada 

It express how proud we are of you. (You have 

npe. especially our cross country move from the 
a, 1 111 High School and your incredible 

lii iMiini: ' No matter where Life's Journey takes 
aK". ,1 \v li.ii. , lur love & support. We look forward to 
ihi iii.iin adventures that await you! 
.iiiil I .luien 

3* !^ 


Laiuui CougUitL 


We can't believe this time has come. It 
feels like just yesterday we were 
dropping you off at preschool. You have 
made being a parent easy and fun. We 
will miss watching you from the 
sidelines. We hope you continue 
enjoying life and succeed in everything 
you wish for. 

Mom, Dad and Matthew 

Linda Harris 

Follow your dreams 
and reach for the stars 
we know you will be 
successful in whatever 
you do in life. 
All our love. 
Mom & Dad 


gratulations Jack and Maria! 


As you graduate, we celebrate your achievements in academia, performing arts, athletics, 
extra curricula and community. We are blessed with terrific twins and are proud of the 
choices you've made, the friendships you've forged, and the outstanding young adults 
you've become. Going forward, we know you'll excel wherever you apply your energy, 
focus, personality and talents! We love you very much and will always be behind you 
through life's voyages. Love, Mom, Dad, Katie and Grandma 




It has been such a joy 

watching you grow up 

these past 18 years. We 

are so proud of you for 

all that you are and all 

that you will be. 

Love, Dad, Mom, 

Kevin and Chris 

Zachary Otte 

Zach, we are so proud of the man you are becoming and for all 
the hard work you've done to get to this point in your life. Follow 
your heart and your dreams. We love you always. Mom and Dad 
Hclaman 5:12 

John Roselli 

Dear John, Wc are so proud of you. Always remember to treat others the 
way you would like to be treated. Find something to be passionate about 
and be willing to take risks to achieve your dreams. Congratulations! 
Love. Dad, Tara, Leah & Jake 


The Bedford Athletic Association 
congratulates the class of 2013 
for their success in both the classroom 
and on the athletic fields of Bedford. 

Working together makes for 

Congratulations, Graduates! 

Mindy Pollack Fusi 
200 Great Road Suite 254A 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Aht Smith & Associates 

Pesign k Constitiction Supervision 

^ftsm ith^ssoci^tes(g>gm^ i 
f^ce boo k. com/a i tsm Ith^ssoc 4 
101 The Gie^t R,o^4, Suite 575 
Bedford, MA 01750 


It has been five fabulous years working with 
you in yearbook. We have acconnplished so 
many different things. In-Design, E-Design, 
deadlines, yearbook camp, taking pictures, 
, finding great students to work with, 
"YOYC'Are we going to make our deadlines". 
Yes, Mrs. Allen we are going to do it! When 
those books were delivered and to see the 
faces of all the students it was well 
worth it! I wish you all the happiness in your 
retirement. Enjoy traveling with your husband. 
I will miss you Angela!! 
All the best!!! Karen 

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